NZXT has been expanding at a quite rapid pace in the recent years. Back in 2017 the company introduced its first motherboard, but ceased to offer PSUs. This month it is re-launching its first new PSUs in years. The NZXT E-series power supplies are made by Seasonic and support active monitoring of power consumption across the 12 V rail as well as temperature, which are their key features.

UPDATE 7/18: As it appears, NZXT used to sell PSUs from 2010 to 2016, but then ceased to offer power supplies. Therefore, the company is now re-entering this market.

The NZXT E-series PSUs are based on Seasonic’s Focus+ Gold platform featuring the PMBus architecture. The lineup includes three modular power supplies compliant with the latest ATX specification and rated for 500, 650, and 850-Watt output. Just like many other advanced PSUs, the new NZXT power suppliers use Japanese capacitors that can handle temperatures of up to 105°C as well as support overcurrent protection for the 12 V rail. Furthermore, the new PSUs also carry the 80 Plus Gold badge.

One of the key selling points of the NZXT E-series PSUs is built-in wattage monitoring for the 12 V rail. The monitoring is handled by the company’s CAM software, which works only with Windows 10 operating system. In addition to monitoring power consumption, the CAM application can also manage rotating speed of fans and activate Silent, Performance, or Fixed preset modes.

NZXT E-Series PSUs Output Specifications
  500 W 650 W 850W
Rated Combined Rated Combined Rated Combined
+3.3V 20 A 100 W 20 A 100 W 20 A 100 W
+5V 20 A 20 A 20 A
+12V 41 A 492 W 54 A 648 W 70 A  840 W
-12V 0.3 A 3.6 W 0.3 A 3.6 W 0.3 A 3.6 W
+5Vsb 3 A 15 W 3 A 15 W 3 A 15 W
Total Power 500 W 650 W 850 W

NZXT’s E-series PSUs are now available from the company’s website in the U.S. NZXT’s partners on Europe and other countries will start selling the new power supplies starting in late July. As for pricing, the most affordable NZXT E500 PSU costs $125, whereas the most powerful model rated for 850W is available for $150. Meanwhile the 650-W model is priced at $135. All the new PSUs are backed with a 10-year warranty (just like Seasonic’s Focus+ Gold), which is a rare feature for relatively inexpensive power supplies.

NZXT E-Series PSUs Connectivity Specifications
Connector type 500 W 650 W 850 W
ATX 24 Pin 1
EPS 4+4 Pin 1 2
EPS 8 Pin -
PCIe 6+2 Pin 2 4
4P Molex 3 6
Floppy -

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  • Dragonstongue - Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - link

    yeh, monitoring that requires win 10 and the software in question is supposedly quite crud for what it should be on top of more $ then the units they are based on, epic fail NZXT....also like others below me stated, this is far from the first PSU NZXT has entered into the market, maybe first with monitoring, if this is the case, the title/header needs revision to be more "truthful"

    seasonic makes excellent PSU (they have for many many years) but to "ask" $40+ over the base design just for adding CAM software is moronic, almost like what Ngreedia pulls for
    Gsync AH HAHA, proprietary nonsense that adds cost when other options are likely just as usable (if not superior) without the "tax"
  • Valantar - Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - link

    The Focus+ line is a great starting point, but even with monitoring, those prices need to come down. A $10-15 premium for monitoring would be fine, but $40? Nope.

    As for requiring CAM, that's perfectly fine by me. How else would this be implemented? It's not like there's any kind of standard for reporting PSU power loads to the system, which would be required for a more universal solution. I use CAM to control the fans in my H200i, and it works very well. The H*00i series got a lot of flak for CAM being unstable and unreliable on launch, but I've only ever seen it crash once in the couple of months I've used it, and the software itself is very well laid out and functional. I don't use the "smart" functionality (tuning fan curves to minimize noise through a built-in microphone), but a simple custom fan curve (including fan shutoff at low temps) which is far easier and more functional than what my motherboard allows. All in all, I like CAM quite a lot.
  • Hxx - Thursday, July 19, 2018 - link

    pricing is insane but for those of u who may not know, Corsair has the RMi series with the same monitoring ability. it does require the use of Icue but the pricing is a little better (although not low by any means)
  • Targon - Saturday, July 21, 2018 - link

    For those complaining about the price, how do you think that places can offer "deals"? The actual price for resellers/distributors will be a lot lower, and they can then say they are offering it on a permanent $40 sale to look good when it sells at a normal/competitive price.

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