When you build a cannon of a system, perhaps with dual processors and four graphics cards and lots of RGB, then something needs to power it. FSP has just the product for you: the Cannon 2000W power supply.

We've seen power supplies this high in the consumer market before, and this is FSP's take. They originally built it for the mining market, and since that market has essentially dried up in recent months, the company is pitching it further afield. The unit is built on a single rail design, and adheres to ATX spec (210mm long), and has passed certification for 80 PLUS Gold, which guarantees 87% efficiency at 20% load, 90% efficiency at 50% load, and 87% efficiency at 100%. That last figure means that at a full 2000W, the system could be losing as much as 260W due to power losses. The power supply needs good cooling too.

The Cannon 2000W is already available in some markets, priced at $400.

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  • willis936 - Thursday, January 10, 2019 - link

    Or miners that could run two machines off one PSU. However there is only one mobo header and not enough PCIe headers for that.
  • CheapSushi - Thursday, January 10, 2019 - link

    Wish these mega-PSU's would give more SATA power ports. Regardless of size I just always see 5 or less. I know you can do multiple drives per port. But there's a bit of a limit. Big PSU's just always go for PCIe ports. There are adapter cables for PCIe to SATA power but I don't like the risk of mixed cables; sometimes hard to tell if crimped or molded. Why more SATA? Sometimes I dream of using a large PSU for a massive workstation build(s) with lots and lots of drives.

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