Although Sony's PlayStation 5 game console fully supports off-the-shelf PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives, Sony initially limited the maximum capacity to 4 TB. Recently the company removed that cap as part of the PS5 8.00 firmware update, and now the system can support drives with up to 8 TB. Sabrent, in turn, is among the first SSD makers to offer an 8 TB drive specifically marketed for the PS5.

"PC and PS5 enthusiasts have long anticipated the expansion of internal storage capacity, and now, this dream has become a reality with the introduction of the Sabrent 8TB Rocket 4 Plus SSD," a statement by Sabrent reads.

Sabrent's Rocket 4 Plus 8 TB is based on a Phison platform and is actually a bit faster than the rest of the drives in the series. The manufacturer says that the SSD offers an up to 7,100 MB/s sequential read and up to 6,000 MB/s sequential write speeds. In order to keep the drive properly cooled under high loads, the drive comes equipped with a PS5-compatible aluminum heatsink that also doubles as a replacement for the drive bay's metal cover plate.

Sabrent's 8 TB Rocket 4 Plus drive (SB-RKT4P-PSHS-8TB) can now be purchased from Amazon for $1,009.99, which is twice the price of Sony's PlayStation 5 console, and a $10 premium over a bare 8TB Rocket 4 Plus.

This is of course a huge investment, but PS5's 825 GB of capacity available to end users is a fraction of what modern SSDs can provide 3 years later – and whose small capacity is quickly being consumed by modern, high-end games. For example, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War takes up over 300 GB and Gran Turismo 7 nears 200 GB.

Now that Sony's PlayStation 5 supports 8 TB SSDs, the console gets a yet another advantage over Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S consoles, which only support proprietary drives with an up to 2 TB capacity. Since these drives are essentially M.2-2230 SSDs encapsulated into a plastic case, it remains to be seen when an 8 TB drive will come to the latest generation of Xbox consoles.

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  • yeeeeman - Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - link

    it's just a tax for the high capacity, no real reason
  • PeachNCream - Saturday, September 23, 2023 - link

    This is one of those rare situations where I agree the sticker price is pretty fair given the capacity. While I wouldn't purchase something like this until the cost comes down, I get that it's at the upper end of m.2 storage and should command a healthy premium. Now if we could get off NAND and onto something more durable...
  • Eliadbu - Saturday, September 23, 2023 - link

    I agree that products of that sort should command a premium, if you take the price per GB
    You are paying 12.5 cents per GB, you can get 4TB drives with comparable performance for around 5.3 cents per GB. 30%-50% premium would make sense, but 130% more? This is beyond "healthy premium". This makes these drives useful for niche cases where you need loads of fast storage, and you can't get enough m.2 slots for 4TB capacity drives.
  • PeachNCream - Sunday, September 24, 2023 - link

    It's basically hot off the proverbial presses for consumer use. Give it a year and the cost will be out of a range that you (quite validly) consider unreasonable.
  • SanX - Thursday, September 28, 2023 - link

    I have seen $175 prices for the same speeds around 7000 MB/s a month ago on Amazon just before schools started. So what the heck is this 3x premium for? For placing absolutely the same chips on both sides of module instead of one ? Yea, truly super high tech job.
  • SanX - Thursday, September 28, 2023 - link

    for 4TB modules
  • haplo602 - Saturday, September 23, 2023 - link

    "The manufacturer says that the SSD offers an up to 7,100 MB/s sequential write and up to 6,000 MB/s sequential write speeds."

    Interesting specs ... what's the read speeds ?
  • Ryan Smith - Saturday, September 23, 2023 - link

    Turns out it's a WORM drive. So it has no read speeds of speak of.

    (The article has been corrected. 7100MB is the read speed. Thanks!)
  • Musclegaragefitness - Friday, October 6, 2023 - link

    Sabrent has recently released an 8TB SSD specifically designed for the PlayStation 5, offering gamers an impressive storage solution. This SSD provides ample space for storing a vast library of games, ensuring players don't run out of storage anytime soon. With fast read and write speeds, it enhances the gaming experience, reducing load times and improving overall performance. Sabrent's 8TB SSD is a welcomed addition for PS5 users looking to expand their storage capacity without compromising on speed and reliability. It's a game-changer for those seeking convenience and expanded storage for their gaming needs.

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