Compute Card

One of the more interesting and innovative platforms that Intel has introduced over the past few years was the Compute Card: a small credit-card like platform that contained a CPU, some memory, some storage, and a connector such that the card could be placed into all manner of docks and displays for a universal homogenous experience. The Compute Card arrived with much fanfare, but since then I have not heard much about it, let alone see one in real life. That changed with a visit to ECS at Computex. ECS is one of Intel’s biggest engineering and manufacturing partners, taking on a lot of the Intel branded product contracts, such as the NUC. On display at their booth was the Intel Compute Card platform in...

Intel's Credit-Card Sized Compute Card Detailed, Shipping in August

Intel unveiled its credit card-sized Compute Card at CES earlier this year, and now at Computex, the company has brought us up to speed on the available SKUs and...

37 by Ryan Smith on 6/1/2017

Intel Compute Card: A Universal Compute Form-Factor for Different Kinds of Devices

At CES 2017, Intel introduced a new form-factor for computing platforms in order to enable easy development, configuration, maintenance, repair and upgrade of various devices. Intel’s Compute Card is...

35 by Ganesh T S & Anton Shilov on 1/11/2017

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