The Microsoft Surface Pro X is one of Microsoft's leading tablets. It recently received an optional SQ2 processor upgrade, but today's offer is for the original SQ1 model. As we get closer to Black Friday, vendors are dropping prices on hardware left and right. We're doing our best to sift through them all to find you the best offers. We use third-party tools like PCPartPicker to compare vendor price history and suggest our readers do the same as these deals could change at any moment. Microsoft Surface Pro X 13-Inch: was $1299, now $899 @Amazon This edition of the Surface Pro X usually goes for $1299 but is available today for just $899 at Amazon. It features support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even 4G LTE. The Surface Pro...

AT Deals: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD $80 Off at Best Buy

Sometimes you need a little extra storage on-the-go, that's when portable SSDs come into play - the SanDisk Extreme Portable 1TB External drive we reviewed back in September is...

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