G9 Turbo

So, yes. They're back. Not long after our review of the Archos G9 tablets went live, we got wind from our commenters that Archos had released a new test firmware that brought the GPU clock to 384MHz. The news was surprising, but not entirely unexpected. We first got to run the G9 Turbos through their paces at CES when they were still running Honeycomb, so we had a baseline performance bar. When the tablets arrived for review with ICS loaded, one of the first things we noticed was that the GPU performance was well below what we expected. Indeed, the numbers suggested the tablets might be clocked 25% below what we were told. So, we checked in with Archos USA, while trying to dig...

The Archos G9 Tablet Reviews: Fast Enough

There's nothing quite like being fastest. Even to be atop the heap of competitors for a second can be a thrill and a great story. And so it was...

39 by Jason Inofuentes on 5/23/2012

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