Following a relative lull in the desktop memory industry in the previous decade, the past few years have seen a flurry of new memory standards and form factors enter development. Joining the traditional DIMM/SO-DIMM form factors, we've seen the introduction of space-efficient DDR5 CAMM2s, their LPDDR5-based counterpart the LPCAMM2, and the high-clockspeed optimized CUDIMM. But JEDEC, the industry organization behind these efforts, is not done there. In a press release sent out at the start of the week, the group announced that it is working on standards for DDR5 Multiplexed Rank DIMMs (MRDIMM) for servers, as well as an updated LPCAMM standard to go with next-generation LPDDR6 memory. Just last week Micron introduced the industry's first DDR5 MRDIMMs, which are timed to launch alongside Intel's...

Micron Ships Crucial-Branded LPCAMM2 Memory Modules: 64GB of LPDDR5X For $330

As LPCAMM2 adoption begins, the first retail memory modules are finally starting to hit the retail market, courtesy of Micron. The memory manufacturer has begun selling their LPDDR5X-based LPCAMM2...

13 by Anton Shilov on 5/8/2024

Modular LPDDR Memory Becomes A Reality: Samsung Introduces LPCAMM Memory Modules

Although Low Power DDR(LPDDR) memory has played a pivotal role in reducing PC laptop power usage, the drawback to the mobile-focused memory has always been its tight signaling and...

30 by Ryan Smith on 9/25/2023

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