Updated (22/09/2008): Our Dunnington review will be online tomorrow.

After seeing how much reactions Derek got with his now famous post about "female readership at Anandtech", I thought that this title would definitely draw your attention :-). Anyway, one of suggestions that Derek got was that Anandtech should hire female editors for the woman point of view. Those people really need to read it.anandtech.com more: we have Liz writing some heavy and well written articles here such as container based virtualization and software virtualization.
So, that took care of the "women" part of this blogpost. Another suggestion that was posted was that we should deliver what we have promised you. And indeed it.anandtech.com promised you an in depth comparison of the hypervisors out there such as Hyper-V, ESX and Xen. We delivered only a few virtualization benchmarks so far. What happened? Well, after we did so much testing, we worked with the performance teams of VMware and Microsoft and after some time we ironed out a few mistakes that we made. So that made us rerun a whole battery of benchmarks and tests, but that is the price you got to pay when you start testing something which is new to you. So expect a full hypervisor comparison late this month. Why this late? Because a very important launch of CPUs caused us to shift our focus: we want to deliver some benchmarks on those new CPUs first. If all goes well, you should see those spanky new CPUs benchmarked in a virtualized setup this week. I believe it will be a very new and interesting experience to see CPUs tested this way.
Last but not least, I'll be off to London this wednesday to meet Ronak Singhal. If you still have - after Anand's excellent article -an excellent technical question for the Chief Architect Ronak Singhal about Intel's Nehalem, I'll be glad to ask him this question. Understand that I probably only have time for the very best questions, but please feel free to either send me this question or post it here.
Basically, check out our IT portal regularly the coming days and weeks: you'll be freed of all that gaming stuff on the front page (*), and rest assured we'll show you some interesting things!   
(*) Just Joking ;-)
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  • crackedwiseman - Monday, September 15, 2008 - link

    Read here:

  • Felofasofa - Thursday, September 18, 2008 - link

    What a load of rubbish. You believe a couple posters speculating on a tech forum? Why would they bother sticking a 16 phase power delivery for the processor and a separate 3 phase power delivery for memory if they were to be syncronised?
  • JarredWalton - Monday, September 15, 2008 - link

    I've never seen or heard anything to indicate memory voltage and CPU voltage are linked in any way. DDR2 standard is 1.8V and DDR3 standard is 1.5V according to JEDEC. Needless to say, all modern CPUs run at much lower voltages (unless you start heavily overvolting and overclocking). Perhaps you're referring to some other voltage? If you have any links, that would be helpful.

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