Camera—Standard Snapdragon Fare

The HD7 has the same 5MP camera/dual LED flash arrangement as the HD2, but adds 720p video recording. Again though, this is a previous generation device, so it doesn’t have the same image quality advancements that the newer HTC models have, as Brian detailed in his Thunderbolt review.

But overall, it works alright. Decent for web publishing and Facebook albums, as long as you have enough light. Low light is still basically terrible, and the flash is not very useful. As far as options go, HTC allows you to set the scene mode, after effects, metering mode, and flicker adjustment, in addition to resolution and flash modes.

I don’t get a whole lot of smartphones through here, so I don’t have a standardized test location for pictures like Brian, but I tend to take pictures of various Audis (I live next to the dealership). Also, I’d like to thank the guy that parked his Continental GT right outside my apartment building. Cue Janis Joplin—“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? My neighbors drive Bentleys, I must make amends...”

Most of the pictures turned out okay, but the ones that didn’t usually ended up not being okay either because the camera didn’t focus quickly enough, or because the picture ended up being blurry. So I shall resume my old complaint with WP7—they really need to add a software camera button. I’ve gotten more used to using the camera button in the HD7 than the one in the Venue Pro (or maybe the camera button just doesn’t suck as much), but I still end up taking 2-3 pictures at a time, because invariably, at least 35% of my pictures end up blurry.

As mentioned previously, the HD7 shoots 720p video. Unfortunately, I got the same really weird underwater-microphone effect that Brian saw with the Surround. It’s unexplainable, it almost sounds as though there’s some kind of heavy wind blowing into the mic, even on a clear day. It basically makes the video recording feature completely unusable, I don't understand how HTC hasn't fixed this yet. Also, it annoys me to no end that the camera application doesn’t default to the highest quality video recording option, you need to manually set it to 720p recording, every time.


Meet the HD7 The Trusty Old 4.3” WVGA
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  • brucek2 - Friday, May 13, 2011 - link

    Who's the marketing genius who let the name "NoDo" be attached to their product? I understand that within Microsoft this is understood to mean "No Doughnut." Of course, to any regular consumer who hears the name (such as those who see it in the press because it was apparently leaked to them...), it is much more likely to mean "No Do" as in can't do it, won't do it, etc.

    Think this is a small matter? Many years ago Chevrolet tried launching their Chevy Nova in Mexico. Without changing the name. Unfortunately, "Nova" or "No va" means "it doesn't go" in Spanish. The predictable result was that it didn't sell there.
  • KrazzyDJ - Saturday, May 14, 2011 - link

    Perhaps NoDo (or No Doughnuts) is Microsoft taking a dig at Android considering one of their OS upgrades was christened Doughnut. So, the name might mean Microsoft trying to say No Android !!!
  • crazzeto - Monday, May 16, 2011 - link

    You reference a wiki listing of things wmo 6 did that 7 doesn't do. It would have been nice to include a link. I can sympathise with such a listing, I was an avid wmo 6 user until I switched to google with Droid 2. When I read about what wp7 would have feature set wise, I couldn't believe how limiting it was.
  • Lilitu - Friday, May 20, 2011 - link

    I have high hopes for the WP7 platform.
    This review was quite lucid and fair.
    While I like my HD7 a great deal I do miss a working IM client but for texting, calling and browsing it works well.
    Unlike WM6.5 in my HD2 and every single Android device I have ever used; it does NOT freeze.
    IMHO that is worth the price of admission.
    We'll see what Nokia comes up with as well as the rumored HTC "Bresson"!

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