I dropped by Kingston's booth at the IDF tech showcase to check out two things this evening: Kingston's SSDNow KC100 and another Sandy Bridge E demo. The KC100 is another SF-2281 SSD but aimed at business users with a 5-year warranty instead of the 3-year warranty that comes on the HyperX. Performance should be identical to the HyperX. SandForce has a new firmware revision that is in testing now (3.30) which should fix some issues users have been having, but no word on whether or not it'll address all issues at this point.

Kingston also populated a Sandy Bridge E motherboard with 8 x 8GB DIMMs just to show what's possible with Intel's next high-end enthusiast platform. 

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  • SOLIDNecro - Thursday, September 15, 2011 - link

    Alpha...That's like complaining the Supercharged 638 HP Corvette ZR-1 ( 0-60 in 3.8 sec, tops at 205MPH) STILL can't haul a 10,000 lb trailor like a 650 HP Turbo Diesel!

    It's hard to understand the world of desktops when you are used to driving "Heavy Metal" that can haul TONS of butt's, instead of just 2 butt's VERY quickly! (2 sides of the same coin)

    Your world is much harder for readers to imagine since software we use has absolutely no use for 512GB of ram and multiple 6 core cpu's!

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