AMD is refreshing its mobile CPU lineup with seven new A4, A6, and A8 Llano processors for socket FS1. With one exception, these dual- and quad-core processors give a mild speed bump to existing processors using the same GPUs, L2 cache amount, TDP, and core stepping - see the table below for specifications.

AMD Llano mobile CPU refresh
Name Cores CPU Clock
(Max Turbo)
L2 Cache GPU GPU Cores GPU Clock TDP
A4-3305M 2 1.9GHz (2.5GHz) 1MB HD 6480G 160 593MHz 35W
A4-3320M 2 2.0GHz (2.6GHz) 2MB HD 6480G 240 444MHz 35W
A4-3330MX 2 2.2GHz (2.6GHz) 2MB HD 6480G 240 444MHz 45W
A6-3420M 4 1.5GHz (2.4GHz) 4MB HD 6520G 320 400MHz 35W
A6-3430MX 4 1.7GHz (2.4GHz) 4MB HD 6520G 320 400MHz 45W
A8-3520M 4 1.6GHz (2.5GHz) 4MB HD 6620G 400 444MHz 35W
A8-3550MX 4 2.0GHz (2.7GHz) 4MB HD 6620G 400 444MHz 45W

The refresh features four processors with the -M suffix, denoting slightly lower clock speeds and TDPs than the -MX processors (in this case, 35W). Three of these, the A4-3320M, the A6-3420M, and the A8-3520M, are 100MHz bumps in base and turbo CPU clock speed over their predecessors, the A4-3300M, the A6-3400M, and the A8-3500M (GPU clocks and core counts are unchanged). The -MX processors are the same story - newer versions of the A4-3310MX, A6-3410MX, and A8-3530MX with 100MHz more clock speed with the same GPUs and 45W TDPs. 

The outlier is the A4-3305M, a new low-end processor with the same CPU clocks as the A4-3300M but with half the L2 cache and 33% fewer GPU cores, though the GPU clock has been increased to compensate. In spite of these changes, the GPU is still called the HD 6480G.

Expect to see these APUs trickle into laptops in the coming months.

Source: CPU World

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