Rosewill Hive 550W

Rosewill seems content to continue releasing average power supplies, and like the larger types, the Hive 550W comes with 80 Plus Bronze certification. Nevertheless there are some high-end PSUs as well (we will review them soon) . In fact this is the first time we test a PSU from this company, so it will be interesting to compare the model with other well known brands. Currently their products can be bought in the USA, Canada and some Asian countries only. Even so Rosewill is quite famous for their power supplies and PC peripherals.

According to the manufacturer's specifications, the Hive PSU uses a "single strong 12V rail" and a "mesh sleeving on all cables for easier cable routing and better ventilation". In addition, the power supply is able to work 24 hours a day at 40°C ambient temperature. The 80 Plus Bronze certificate is another feature. Product features include a 3-year warranty and a Japanese main capacitor as well. The whole PSU series is SLI and CrossFire Ready. Some cables are modular.

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  • ggathagan - Sunday, March 18, 2012 - link

    bathotropic is trying to say:
    "I'm too ignorant to realize that someone whose first language is not English has a higher chance of making a slight spelling mistake.
    Even thought the word is spelled correctly when used the second time in the same sentence, I have no life and want to convince myself that I'm superior to others by pointing out inconsequential errors."

    Translation: bathotropic is trying to say:"I'm an a$$hat who acts like a third-grader because I'm on the Internet."
  • AnnonymousCoward - Sunday, March 18, 2012 - link

    Thanks for clarifying.
  • benedict - Monday, March 19, 2012 - link

    This PSU is too expensive for what it's offering. Besides, ignoring the marketing, this is really a 450W PSU, not a 550W one.
    I'm curious what FSP has to offer in that market segment. They used to have really good low and middle-end offerings.
  • Onus - Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - link

    Since Martin ran it up to 110% where it remained efficient and well in spec, and it did not choke, smoke, and croak, I'm not sure I understand why you are asserting that this is only a 450W PSU. Rosewill may have wrecked its PSU reputation a dozen years ago by selling junk, and the tech world has a long memory, but Rosewill seems to have cleaned up its act in recent years.
    The outright lie about the Japanese cap does concern me, but that could be a lie from Sirtec to Rosewill as easily as a lie from Rosewill to consumers; hopefully they can beat their supplier into submission on this one. Iirc, Sirtec was the OEM on some of OCZ's more questionable offerings, that started out well enough, but didn't hold up; this could be another like those.
  • benedict - Thursday, March 22, 2012 - link

    Quite simple really, 12V output is 456W, not 550. If you take a look at quality PSUs you'll see their 12V output is almost the same as the advertised wattage of the PSU. If I make you a PSU with 500W on the 3.3V line and 100W on the 12V line and mark it as 600W will you put it in any pc? Fact is, all modern power hoggers in a pc, the CPU and GPU both consume 12V and that's what mostly matters. If you make a PSU with 450W output on the 12V line then mark it as 450W, anything higher is misleading.
  • benedict - Thursday, March 22, 2012 - link

    Also, Martin has just reviewed 2 more PSU's from Rosewill, note how their 12V output matches the power rating this time.
  • thetrystero - Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - link

    Can you please elaborate on how you arrived at the 456 figure? Was it by a P=I*V calculation? I could not find that figure anywhere in the article.
  • zero2dash - Monday, March 19, 2012 - link

    Being NewEgg's house brand and generally low priced, I can't say I'd trust EVERY Rosewill product out there, but they do have some that are nice and worth consideration.

    Recently I put together a system with one of their Green series PSU's after reading the Hardware Secrets review....was going to go with the RG530-S12 but then there was a promo on the RG630-S12 putting it cheaper so I went with that instead (fairly easy decision to make...more juice for less $). Anyway it's been a solid PSU and I've heard no complaints from my customer. IMHO it certainly beats the Corsair CX line of which I've had no luck getting one that didn't have coil whine (and therefore I've quit using them).

    Finding a reliable lower wattage PSU around the $50 range that isn't junk is getting hard.
  • samuraid - Monday, March 19, 2012 - link

    Right at the start of the article: "In fact this is the frist time we test a PSU from this company"
    Frist -> First
  • Ryude85 - Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - link

    This psu sells for $44.99 with free shipping on newegg, all the time. At that price, its the best bang for your Buck.

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