Additional: Will go on sale (in China most likely) next week.


04:32AM EST - OK, looks like a wrap. Devices are outside, so we'll have a look.

04:28AM EST - The chinese prices below include 17% tax

04:27AM EST - The cheapest model uses the 1.8 GHz bin of the 820

04:27AM EST - Pricing is $354 for the high end 'Mi 5 Pro' version with top end storage and high CPU bin

04:22AM EST - Up to 4 people

04:21AM EST - Real time video effects

04:19AM EST - screen in screen video calls while doing other things

04:18AM EST - Real time Beautify on video calls

04:18AM EST - New app: MI Video Call

04:18AM EST - MIUI 7 powered by Android 6.0

04:17AM EST - Comes with MIUI 7 with 5 themes as default

04:17AM EST - 10 mins of charge gives 2.6hr video, 2.7hr navigation or 7.5hr reading

04:17AM EST - Charges 80%-90% in an hour

04:16AM EST - 200mV increments, 20% faster than QC 2.0

04:15AM EST - Does card virtualization for payments or things like bus cards

04:15AM EST - Partnership with NXP

04:15AM EST - Full-Feature NFC

04:15AM EST - It's done in hardware via DSP

04:14AM EST - Video with Sunlight Display demos

04:14AM EST - Similar to Samsung's auto brightness

04:14AM EST - 'Sunlight display' dynamically adjusts contrast for each pixel in real time

04:13AM EST - Didn't mention APL for 600

04:13AM EST - 600 nits max brightness

04:12AM EST - 17% more power efficient LEDs

04:12AM EST - Mi 5 uses 16 low power, higher brightness LEDs

04:11AM EST - 'Typical displays are 350-500 nit, 72% sRGB and 12-14 LED backlights'

04:11AM EST - that would be helpful for writing reviews on the move...!

04:11AM EST - Reading mode to reduce blues

04:10AM EST - 1400:1 ratio, as low as 1 nit, NTSC up to 95%

04:10AM EST - 'ours is ultra-thin'

04:09AM EST - 'There are no bezel free phones'

04:09AM EST - 'Borderless display?'

04:09AM EST - Sapphire glass lens, 6-element

04:08AM EST - 4MP with 2 micron pixels and a Beautify mode

04:08AM EST - Front camera has same as Mi Note

04:08AM EST - 4K video, color enhancement and low light enhancement

04:07AM EST - Mi 5 uses Qualcomm Spectra ISP

04:07AM EST - about color accuracy

04:07AM EST - cleaner light separation

04:07AM EST - DTI prevents light leaking to other pixels

04:06AM EST - 16MP, PDAF auto focus, DTI (deep trench isolation)

04:06AM EST - Same sensor as the Mate 8

04:06AM EST - Sony IMX298 sensor

04:06AM EST - The shake table was moving 1cm in each direction at about 30 Hz

04:05AM EST - Of course, it's cherry picked examples, but it looks rather good

04:05AM EST - on a shaking table

04:05AM EST - Video showing it against the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

04:03AM EST - that's rotational and translational correction

04:03AM EST - Mi 5 has 4-axis OIS

04:03AM EST - Typical config for OIS is large device and 2-axis

04:02AM EST - 'Taken OIS to a new level'

04:02AM EST - Has OIS

04:00AM EST - f2.0

03:59AM EST - Just to clarify, the ceramic design is an option over the glass design, most likely due to cost

03:58AM EST - 3000 mAh battery, 685 Wh/L density

03:57AM EST - 14g lighter than iPhone 6s

03:57AM EST - +/- 1-2 g

03:57AM EST - 129g total weight

03:57AM EST - 5.15 inch, feels like a 5-inch

03:57AM EST - Dimensions: 69.2 x 144.55 x 7.25 mm

03:56AM EST - 'looks just right'

03:56AM EST - Speaker and camera are centered at the top

03:55AM EST - Thinner home button than the Samsung

03:55AM EST - 'We wanted a balanced design and a camera that is tucked in as well as flat'

03:54AM EST - 'Two years to design for Mi 5'

03:54AM EST - 'A shorter forehead moves the camera down on the rear'

03:53AM EST - 'Front fingerprint sensors have difficulty in implementation - slim profile and screen to body ratio can be affected'

03:51AM EST - 3D ceramic is 75% more expensive than glass

03:51AM EST - Texture of marble without the weight

03:50AM EST - Rear texture in the ceramic is micro-crystalline nano-ceramic zirconia

03:50AM EST - Steel is 4, Diamond is 10

03:50AM EST - Up to 8 on the Mohs scale

03:50AM EST - '3D Ceramic body' as an option

03:49AM EST - 5.15 inch display

03:49AM EST - Mi 5 is completely curved

03:48AM EST - Mi 5 improves this

03:48AM EST - Mi Note had OIS camera that was flush and 6.95mm thick

03:47AM EST - 'It's not a coincidence it looks like Mi Note'

03:47AM EST - The gold back has like a cross hatch texture

03:45AM EST - Holding up a pair of Mi 5 devices

03:45AM EST - speakers on bottom

03:45AM EST - ok so rear is curved, front is not

03:45AM EST - USB Type-C

03:44AM EST - Those bezels look very thin

03:44AM EST - comes in black, white and gold

03:44AM EST - 'Very thin'

03:43AM EST - First XIaomi device with a home button and fingerprint sensor on the front

03:43AM EST - Camera with dual LED flash

03:42AM EST - Mi 5 inherits design from Mi Note

03:42AM EST - ?

03:42AM EST - So kind of like the S6 edge

03:42AM EST - Back is curved too

03:41AM EST - Mi 5 visuals, shows a curved edge

03:41AM EST - Video now

03:40AM EST - Speaking Mi 4 design

03:40AM EST - Now explaining the process of design

03:39AM EST - VoLTE gets preferential treatment

03:39AM EST - 'Best performance with VoLTE on each end'

03:39AM EST - 'Call clarity improved by 100%, 1-2s quicker call connections'

03:38AM EST - Voice over LTE

03:38AM EST - 'Using the peak bandwidth, that's 30s for a 1.8GB download'

03:37AM EST - That's 3x Carrier Aggregation and high-order modulation (256-QAM)

03:36AM EST - Cat 12 LTE supports 600 MB/s

03:36AM EST - i.e. LTE-Advanced

03:36AM EST - Mi 5 supports 4G+

03:36AM EST - UFS is based on SCSI

03:35AM EST - 450MB/s vs 250MB/s peak bandwidth on UFS vs eMMC

03:34AM EST - no longer using eMMC for flagships

03:34AM EST - UFS 2.0 high-speed flash

03:34AM EST - LPDDR4 at 1866 MHz

03:34AM EST - Hugo back on stage

03:33AM EST - 'Mi 5 is an amazing device'

03:33AM EST - '820 has been rearchitected, key IP blocks have been updated'

03:33AM EST - 'Latest and Best Experiences'

03:33AM EST - 'We have a shared vision of technology'

03:32AM EST - Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm on stage

03:32AM EST - X12 LTE modem, Quick Charge 3.0, Hexagon 680 DSP

03:32AM EST - 50k Antutu GPU result, compared to 21k on S6 and 18.5k on Mate 8

03:31AM EST - Adreno 530 is +40% perf and +40% power efficiency

03:31AM EST - vs Snapdragon 810, it has 200% perf and 50% power

03:31AM EST - Apparently Snapdragon 820 is the best reviewed QC SoC for the past three generations

03:30AM EST - "Xiaomi is focused on innovation, or translated from Chinese as 'black magic'"

03:29AM EST - Apparently it's important in China...

03:28AM EST - 'Antutu score of 142084'. Wait, why are they quoting Antutu

03:28AM EST - So 100% faster than 810, GPU 40% faster, RAM 100% faster than LPDDR3, Flash 87% faster than eMMC 5.0

03:27AM EST - 4GB RAM, up to 128GB onboard storage

03:27AM EST - That's Qualcomm's custom Kryo cores

03:27AM EST - Snapdragon 820

03:27AM EST - 'Fast'

03:27AM EST - Hugo has been using it for a few months

03:26AM EST - So today is about the Mi 5

03:26AM EST - Mi 4 sold 16m phones worldwide

03:26AM EST - Now talking about 2016 Xiaomi flagship premiere

03:26AM EST - Basically a connected devices portfolio

03:25AM EST - Developed with Segway

03:25AM EST - Ninebot mini hoverboard as well, 22km travel on a charge up to 16km/h

03:25AM EST - Mi Bluetooth Speaker, Mi Smart Scale, Mi Air Purifier 2, Mi Bedside Lamp

03:24AM EST - Mi Power Banks is #1 power bank company in the world

03:24AM EST - E.g. Mi Band, Mi Headphones, Mi Power Banks and Yi Action Camera

03:24AM EST - 2015 was also an important year for the Xiaomi Ecosystem, a group of 50 companies to build lifestyle products with Xiaomi

03:23AM EST - 9 of 10 of the most active Android users on Tencent were Xiaomi devices

03:23AM EST - 'It's more important to track active users and revenue per user'

03:22AM EST - over 170 million MIUI users worldwide

03:22AM EST - 2015 was MIUI 7

03:22AM EST - 'Xiaomi wants to be the fastest to new software features when requested'

03:22AM EST - MIUI gets weekly software updates. 275 updates in 5.5 years

03:21AM EST - 'We support 347 different models from 96 brands'

03:21AM EST - '750 people working on it, larger than our hardware team'

03:21AM EST - Now talking MIUI, their interface

03:20AM EST - A big hit was Mi Pad 2: runs Win 10

03:20AM EST - Latest megahit is Redmi Note 3, only smartphone with Snapdragon 650

03:19AM EST - Mi Note Pro was one of the first devices with Snapdragon 810

03:19AM EST - Last year's flagship was Mi Note

03:18AM EST - #5 in the world

03:18AM EST - Xiaomi was #1 in China in 2015 at 15%, compared to 14.5% Huawei

03:18AM EST - To compare that to Huawei, who had 100-108m

03:18AM EST - 70m phones sold in 2015

03:18AM EST - Hugo Barra internally is known as 'Tiger Brother'

03:17AM EST - 'Xiaomi is still a startup in many ways'

03:17AM EST - 6th Birthday in a few weeks

03:17AM EST - Xiaomi founded April 6th 2010

03:17AM EST - MI logo stands for Mobile Internet

03:16AM EST - Event co-sponsored by Qualcomm

03:16AM EST - 'First time announcing a product on a global stage'

03:16AM EST - 'A historical day for Xiaomi, first media event in Europe'

03:15AM EST - Hugo Barra on a hoverboard

03:15AM EST - We're starting :)

03:12AM EST - Sorry, Hugo Barra is VP of International, and typically the spokesperson at these sort of events

03:06AM EST - We're expecting Xiaomi CEO, Hugo Barra, to take the stage for the announcements

03:05AM EST - I believe MWC 2016 is now officially the single event with the most Live Blogs we've ever done :)

03:05AM EST - Ian on text, Andrei on pictures

03:04AM EST - We're here, we've not slept enough, but the coffee is flowing and we're ready to go

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  • realbabilu - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    Its time to upgrade my mi3
  • muppet_boy - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    What about EU/US LTE bands?
  • andrewaggb - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    also CA LTE Bands. Phone sounds great. Can we assume that because it's a snapdragon 820 it has full LTE support in north america?
  • shabby - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    3g is all you're going to get in north america.
    Don't understand why xiaomi phones are being covered by so many us/uk sites when the phone is for china only, unless you want to import them and be stuck at 3g?
  • akmittal - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    What time they will be launching this in India
  • sudipt123 - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    As per ususal practice- Atleast after 3 to 4 months
  • fatso485 - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    specs very comparable to G5/S7 for $262(32gb)-$345(128GB). very very impressed

    he didn't talk about the resolution so its probably "only" 1080P. doubt any sane person cares about that
  • fatso485 - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    The Koreans are in deep trouble.

    at this price& availability, even the oneplus 3 is not gonna impress
  • halcyon - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    >The Koreans are in deep trouble.

    Yes they are, rightly so. And Apple as well.

    However, not yet.

    Xiaomi sold 70M phones last year. Samsung over 320M.

    Xiaomi is both manufacturing AND channel constrained. Also, outside Asia and some larger Asian markets, their brand is next to non-existent.

    Samsung is just playing the waiting game, trying to milk the high-end for what it's worth, as long as the run continues.

    Their exec stated just 2 days ago in an interview, that they will hasten the production introductions (i.e. shorten the cycle) in the very top-high end models, esp. int EU, where the market is as of yet not saturated. BTW, good luck selling $900USD (750€) and more expensive phones to Europe, which is mostly in recession and has been for the past 4 years.

    But yes, Xiaomi is on a roll, but not the giant killer yet.

    Also, they do _very little_ in house. Oppo on the other hand has actually some pure 1st class engineering. Xiaomi is just brand management and integration from off-the-shelf components.

    In this regard companies with in-house chip design (LG, Samsung, Apple, Huawei) and with semi-fab-muscles (Samsung, LG) still have an upper hand in economies of scale - for now.

    But you are right, slowly but surely Xiaomi will conquer more and more of the mid-end, high-end and finally the very top-end.

    That's going to squeeze everybody's profit margins in the end, incl. Apple's.
  • nathanddrews - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - link

    That's a great price, lots of greatness stuffed into that chassis. I would be in line for one if it used OLED. That's my deal breaker. Maybe the G8.

    PS, how do you pronounce "Xiaomi"? Nevermind.

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