01:58AM EDT - It's Computex time once again!

01:58AM EDT - Welcome to another AnandTech live blog, and the first of this year's Computex trade show

01:59AM EDT - Kicking things off once again is AMD, who is broadcasting a keynote address headed up by the one and only Dr. Lisa Su

01:59AM EDT - According to AMD, the PC-focused keynote will cover both mobile and desktop, with AMD and its partners focusing on cutting edge hardware and "breakthrough performance"

01:59AM EDT - AMD's Computex keynotes rarely disappoint, and we don't expect this one too, either

02:00AM EDT - Like last year's keynote, this year's is a pre-recorded presentation from AMD. Though the physical Computex tradeshow is taking place, the lengthy, week-long quarantine requirement makes attending the show very difficult for foreigners

02:01AM EDT - And here we go

02:02AM EDT - Before AMD's presentation starts, Taitra, Computex's organizing organization, is introducing AMD and Dr. Su

02:03AM EDT - We should expect to see news on cutting-edge products from AMD for both mobile and desktop

02:03AM EDT - And here's Lisa

02:04AM EDT - Computex 2022 is a big show for AMD. Both for announcing new products, and for demonstrating/strengthing its relationships with its major partners, many of whom are in Taiwan

02:04AM EDT - Not the least of which, of course, is TSMC. As well as motherboard and laptop makers

02:05AM EDT - Lisa is quickly recapping AMD's past several months, including closing the Xilinx acquisition

02:05AM EDT - "AMD is everywhere"

02:05AM EDT - But today is all about the next-generation of PC products for gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts

02:05AM EDT - "At AMD we're all about building the best"

02:06AM EDT - New details to come on AMD's next-generation Ryzen desktop processors

02:06AM EDT - But first: laptops

02:06AM EDT - AMD launched the Ryzen 6000 Mobile family at the start of this year. New laptops are still coming out

02:07AM EDT - https://www.anandtech.com/show/17276/amd-ryzen-9-6900hs-rembrandt-benchmark-zen3-plus-scaling

02:07AM EDT - "Our Ryzen 6000 portfolio is just beginning"

02:08AM EDT - Now recapping AMD's 6000U series processors (and how they surpass Intel's 12000P series) in ultrabooks

02:08AM EDT - Showing off a few such notebooks, including the ZenBook S13 and Yoga Slim Pro X

02:09AM EDT - And Ryzen is also going into commercial/business laptops

02:09AM EDT - "The average system today is over 4 years old"

02:09AM EDT - New Ryzen 6000 Pro laptops are on the way

02:09AM EDT - Over 60 new Ryzen notebooks expected to launch this year

02:10AM EDT - AMD believes they've also taken the crown for commercial battery life, based on HP's Elitebook running MobileMark

02:11AM EDT - Meanwhile there's also the matter of the mainstream laptop market

02:11AM EDT - New APU: Mendocino

02:11AM EDT - Launching Q4. For Windows and ChromeOS laptops in the $399 to $699 market segment

02:11AM EDT - Based on Ryzen 6000 Mobile tech with a twist

02:11AM EDT - TSMC 6nm, 4 Zen 2 cores, and an RDNA2 iGPU

02:12AM EDT - Mendocino essentially replaces AMD's Picasso APUs, which are still being used for lower-budget laptops

02:12AM EDT - Now on to gaming laptops with Frank Azor

02:13AM EDT - Recapping the AMD Advantage design framework and co-development program

02:13AM EDT - One of AMD's advantages? Their Smart family of technologies, like Smart Access Memory

02:14AM EDT - Announcing a new Smart technology: Smart Access Storage

02:14AM EDT - This sounds like AMD's implementation of Microsoft's DirectStorage standard

02:14AM EDT - Using SAM, AMD platform technologies, and GPU asset decompression

02:14AM EDT - More details coming in the following months

02:15AM EDT - Now talking about a few AMD Advantage laptops announced or launched in recent months

02:16AM EDT - Lenovo's latest Legion 7, besides being AMD Advantaged, also offers force-sensitive WASD keys

02:17AM EDT - And HP's Omen 16 is the first laptop with AMD's Smart Shift Eco

02:17AM EDT - And Corsair is launching an AA laptop focused on game streaming and broadcasting

02:17AM EDT - 16-inch 240Hz WQHD+ display

02:18AM EDT - Corsair Voyager

02:18AM EDT - Available this summer

02:18AM EDT - And that's it for Frank. Passing it back to Lisa

02:18AM EDT - "Let's close with a preview of what comes next for desktop PCs"

02:19AM EDT - Recapping AMD's very long lived AM4 platform

02:19AM EDT - Almost 5 years, 170 million processors

02:19AM EDT - And AM4 is still going strong with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D

02:19AM EDT - (AT review coming soon!)

02:20AM EDT - "It is the world's fastest gaming CPU"

02:20AM EDT - But AM4 is entering its twilight years. It's time for a new platform, and a new CPU architecture

02:20AM EDT - Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs!

02:21AM EDT - Socket AM5. Built on TSMC's 5nm process

02:21AM EDT - Zen 4 CPU cores

02:21AM EDT - 1MB of L2 cache per core, 2x that on Zen 3/Zen 2

02:21AM EDT - Clockspeeds "run significantly" above 5GHz

02:21AM EDT - >15% greater single threaded performance versus the previous generation

02:22AM EDT - 2 core chiplets (CCDs) built on TSMC 5nm

02:22AM EDT - And a new 6nm-built I/O Die

02:22AM EDT - The IOD adds integrated graphics for the first time. RDNA2 architecture

02:22AM EDT - And a bunch of power optimizations for the IOS as well

02:22AM EDT - Now for more on the AM5 platform

02:23AM EDT - "We wanted to create a platform designed for flexibility"

02:23AM EDT - Modern I/O and interfaces

02:23AM EDT - New socket: LGA1718

02:23AM EDT - Allows more power and greater signal integrity

02:23AM EDT - TDPs up to 170 Watts

02:24AM EDT - Dual channel DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support

02:24AM EDT - And it's compatible with AM4 coolers (which given the change from ZIF to LGA, is actually a bit surprising)

02:24AM EDT - Up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes coming from the CPU

02:25AM EDT - And up to 14 USB SuperSpeed 20Gbps ports

02:25AM EDT - Wi-Fi 6E support

02:25AM EDT - Up to 4 display outputs coming from the CPU. HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0 support

02:26AM EDT - All new SVI3 power infrastrucuture. Support for additional power phases, fine-grained power control, and significantly faster voltage response capaibilities

02:26AM EDT - 3 chipsets/levels of motherboards

02:26AM EDT - X670E(xtreme): PCIe 5 for graphics and storage, maximum overclocking capabilities

02:26AM EDT - X670: PCIe 5 for storage, PCIe 5 for graphics on some boards (but not required)

02:27AM EDT - B650: PCIe 5 for storage, PCIe 4 for graphics. Best balance for price and features

02:27AM EDT - AMD has partnered with Phison for the developmnet of their first PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD host controller

02:28AM EDT - They're seeing a 60% increase in sequential read speeds versus PCIe 4.0 SSDs

02:28AM EDT - Expect to see the first devices from Crucial and Micron in time for the AM5 launch

02:28AM EDT - With many more to come

02:28AM EDT - A bunch of AM5 motherboards on display at Computex 2022

02:29AM EDT - ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI

02:29AM EDT - Now back to Lisa to show off a bit of what the AM5 platform can do

02:29AM EDT - (Lisa gets to show off the good stuff; the perks of being the boss!)

02:30AM EDT - First showing a demo running Ghostwire Tokyo

02:30AM EDT - CPU cores are running at up to 5.5GHz

02:30AM EDT - Next demo: Blender

02:30AM EDT - Comparing it to a Core i9-12900K

02:31AM EDT - Blender is maxing out all of the cores

02:31AM EDT - Ryzen 7000 processors available this fall

02:31AM EDT - And we should expect to hear a lot more over the coming months

02:31AM EDT - (Read: AMD will be dip-feeding information)

02:32AM EDT - And that's a wrap! Thank you for joining us for another live blog

02:32AM EDT - Be sure to check out our Ryzen 7000 announcement piece: https://www.anandtech.com/show/17399/amd-ryzen-7000-announced-zen4-pcie5-ddr5-am5-coming-fall

02:32AM EDT - Thanks!

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  • Mike Bruzzone - Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - link

    AMD has corrected Dr Su 70 M AM4 in 5 years at Computex statement to 170 M AM4.

    Anandtech has verified the correction? Was an obvious error.

    02:19AM EDT - Almost 5 years, 170 million processors
    02:19AM EDT - And AM4 is still going strong with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D

    Subtle correction. There's still something nefarious and fishy on the 70 M unit misinformation spreading across the chat sites.

    I stand on my estimate closely following AMD on channel data on financial reconciliation. .

    210 M total AMD3/4 consumer market processors of which approximately 140 M are AM4 and range 327,198,588 units to 344,192,588 that is + 17 M 2017 add on data void in the three quarters of 2017.

    Epyc = 15,754,333 units

    Data Center acceleration difficult to say that number is buried into Epyc on my average weighed price method determining volume from net revenue maybe a million units and like Nvidia on an upward trend for the last three quarters. I've stated AMD has to pace Nvidia volume into commercial data center markets or AMD gets left out.

    Thread ripper = 14,273,083 units

    Ryzen = 210,034,042 of which just under 20% are APU and an even split between desktop and mobile works I've been refining my totals mobile has been increasing through the last two quarters.

    dGPU = 54,524,868

    Console = 32,106,091

    Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing

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