Today we are having a look at the refreshed SF PSU series from Corsair. The company upgraded their popular SFX PSUs that now come with an 80Plus Platinum certification and are boasting even better overall performance. With a retail price under $100 and very impressive specs, the SF450 seems ideal for compact, high-performance living room gaming PCs.

Silverstone Launches NJ450-SXL Power Supply: Fanless SFX-L, 80Plus Platinum, 450W

Silverstone has expanded their Nightjar family of power supplies with the addition of a new SFX-L class sized silent PSU, the NJ450-SXL. The new PSU, according to Silverstone, is...

24 by Joe Shields on 6/26/2018

EVGA Next-Gen Power Supply for SFX: Supernova 650 GM

Also on EVGA’s Power Supply list was this little 80 PLUS-rated Gold unit. The aim here for a super small set of power supplies for 450W, 550W, 650W. Obviously...

1 by Ian Cutress on 6/5/2018

Rosewill Fortress Platinum 450W

Rosewill is a familiar name here at AnandTech. It's Newegg's in-house brand, through which they sell products such as notebook accessories, peripheral equipment, cases and power supplies. Their stated...

26 by Martin Kaffei on 9/14/2012

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