PC Power & Cooling

We have already reviewed quite a few PC Power & Cooling products on AnandTech, but this time we will be looking at their first series with modular cables and a white case. In contrast to older PSUs PC Power & Cooling delivered, this one provides a 120mm fan for cooling as well. The new Silencer MK III models are available in 400, 500 and 600W only. This is a good news for everybody who is interested in small power supplies as they deliver more than enough power for any common PC with one graphics card. PC Power & Cooling uses Japanese capacitors, one powerful +12V output, a ball bearing fan from ADDA , and a partially modular cable management. With 80 Plus Bronze certification, the...

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W & 910W

PC Power & Cooling, today a part of the OCZ Technology Group, sent us two PSUs from their Silencer series. The 760W as well as the 910W version bet...

19 by Martin Kaffei on 8/2/2011

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