BenQ has been in the display market for many years, and they’re one of the few companies still using VA (Vertical Alignment) panels – as opposed to IPS or AHVA, though they have some of these as well. They’re also known for projectors, and the new MW824ST projector has a bulb that’s rated for up to 10,000 hours (compared to most bulbs that are rated for 2000-5000 hours). That’s enough time that you could use the projector for eight hours a day, every single day, and still not need to replace the bulb for almost 3.5 years. Other projectors run the usual gamut from small and portable devices to high-end projectors with native 1080p support. On the monitor side of things, BenQ had several interesting...

Mini Review: ASUS P1 Portable LED Projector

We don't get a lot of projectors for review, but ASUS sent us their P1 Portable LED Projector and so we wanted to do a short write up of...

34 by Chris Heinonen on 2/22/2012

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