After all the enterprise and OEM drive announcements last month surrounding Flash Memory Summit, we've finally got a new drive to talk about that will be sold directly to consumers and available through retailers. Toshiba's Q300 and Q300 Pro drives are client-focused SATA drives using Toshiba-branded flash and controllers. The Q300 uses TLC flash and has an endurance rating of about 0.23 drive writes per day for three years. The Q300 Pro uses MLC flash and is rated for about 0.34 drive writes per day for five years. Toshiba Q300 SATA SSDs Capacity 960GB 480GB 240GB 120GB NAND Toshiba TLC Controller Toshiba TC358790 Sequential Read 550 MB/s Sequential Write 530 MB/s 4kB Random Read IOPS 87k 4kB Random Write IOPS 83k Endurance Rating 240TB 120TB 60TB 30TB SLC caching Yes QSBC Error Correction No Active Power Consumption 5.1W Idle Power Consumption 1.1W MSRP $449.99 $309.99 $159.99 $99.99 TLC-based drives require more power for writes, but the idle power rating is quite...

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