This year’s CES has turned out to be a laptop-centric event in the PC space, and no farther do you have to look for proof of that than AMD’s CES keynote. The densely packed keynote immediately kicked things off with the announcement of AMD’s 2023 mobile product stack, which will see the CPU vendor mixing and matching silicon across multiple generations of designs to put together a fresh product stack for the new year. This includes the return of some old favorites, including bringing desktop Zen 4 silicon to mobile, as well as the introduction of AMD’s brand-new Phoenix CPU silicon, their first mobile-focused Zen 4 CPU design.

The AMD CES 2023 Keynote Live Blog (6:30pm PT/02:30 UTC)

CES keynote season continues this week with the second major PC-centric keynote of the event, being held by AMD. Helmed as always by CEO Dr. Lisa Su, AMD is...

7 by Ryan Smith on 1/4/2023

AMD Reveals Radeon RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XT: First RDNA 3 Parts To Hit Shelves in December

With AMD’s first-wave of Zen 4 CPUs now in the books with the Ryzen 7000 series, the consumer arm of AMD is now shifting its attention over to its...

197 by Ryan Smith on 11/3/2022

AMD RDNA 3 GPU Unveil "together we advance_gaming” Live Blog (1pm PT/20:00 UTC)

Following hot on the heels of AMD’s major CPU launch of the year – the Zen 4 architecture and Ryzen 7000 family – today AMD will be giving their...

16 by Ryan Smith & Gavin Bonshor on 11/3/2022

AMD Announces Radeon RDNA 3 GPU Livestream Event for November 3rd

Following on the heels of AMD’s CPU-centric event back in August, AMD today has sent out a press release announcing that they will be holding a similar event in...

18 by Ryan Smith on 10/20/2022

Updated AMD Notebook Roadmap: Zen 4 on 4nm in 2023, Zen 5 By End of 2024

As we've come to expect during AMD's Financial Analyst Day (FAD), we usually get small announcements about big things coming in the future. This includes updated product roadmaps for...

23 by Gavin Bonshor on 6/9/2022

AMD’s 2022-2024 Client GPU Roadmap: RDNA 3 This Year, RDNA 4 Lands in 2024

Among the slew of announcements from AMD today around their 2022 Financial Analyst Day, the company offering an update to their client GPU (RDNA) roadmap. Like the company’s Zen...

21 by Ryan Smith on 6/9/2022

AMD RDNA 3/Navi 3X GPU Update: 50% Better Perf-Per-Watt, Using Chiplets For First Time

Continuing our coverage of AMD's 2022 Financial Analyst day, we have the matter of AMD's forthcoming RDNA 3 GPU architecture and the Navi 3X GPUs that will be built...

11 by Ryan Smith on 6/9/2022

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su: Interview on 2021 Demand, Supply, Tariffs, Xilinx, and EPYC

Following the keynote press conference, AMD invited a number of key press partners for some Q&A time with Dr. Lisa Su. On the table, we were told, was any...

72 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 1/12/2021

AMD's 2020-2022 Client GPU Roadmap: RDNA 3 & Navi 3X On the Horizon With More Perf & Efficiency

As has become something of a tradition for AMD, this year’s Financial Analyst Day included a high level update to the company’s GPU roadmap. The last roadmap we saw...

5 by Ryan Smith on 3/5/2020

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