TalkBand B3

I think I'm getting the reason why smartwatches exist now - or at least watches in general. When I was younger, before smartphones, I wore a simple cheap watch to tell the time. When smartphones came along, I ditched the watch as it was just 'another thing to carry', and its utility was superseded by the mobile phone. Having worn the TalkBand B2, and that space now being filled by the updated B3, I'm starting to get it. I think. When I tested the TalkBand B2, a number of its features irritated me, such as the limited two-day battery life or the fact that the screen was incredibly bright at night, waking me up every time I turned over and the screen activated. The additional...

Huawei Launches the TalkBand B3

I’ve been using the TalkBand B2 for a couple of months (a write-up will come soon), and Huawei is announcing the release of their TalkBand B3. This is a...

4 by Ian Cutress on 4/6/2016

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