A month ago, Intel introduced its newest quad Xeon E7 series, the successor of the Xeon 7500. We gave you an overview of the Xeon's E7 lineup, but we didn't have benchmark results yet. According to Intel, the new Xeon established 16 new world records, beating similarily configured IBM POWER servers in some workloads and SPARC servers that are twice as expensive by a wide margin in almost any workload. Today, we'll look at the available SAP S&D measurements, along with our results from weeks of virtualization benchmarking on ESX 4.1 update 1. By looking at both response time as throughput in our own virtualization benchmarking and power measurements with vApusMark, we get a very realistic idea what the the Xeon E7 is exactly capable...

Westmere-EX: Intel Improves their Xeon Flagship

Yesterday, Intel announced that their flagship server processor, the Xeon Nehalem-EX, is being succeeded by the Xeon Westmere-EX, a process-shrinking " tick" in Intel's terminology. By shrinking Intel's largest...

33 by Johan De Gelas on 4/6/2011

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