windows phone 7.8

We just caught up with Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone, who was showing off a Lumia 900 running a non-final Windows Phone 7.8 build. The WP7.8 build brings the new WP8 home start screen to existing WP7.5 devices, and possibly some other unannounced features depending on the device. Microsoft is being relatively tight-lipped with any of the other details about features that might be coming with WP7.8. Anyhow, the new WP7.8/WP8 home screen replaces the previous single wide and double wide tiles with a more dynamic resize option. There are now three sizes, the single wide, double wide, and a much smaller square shortcut. Long pressing brings up the familiar hover and rearrange menu, and tapping on the resize button cycles...

Existing Windows Phone 7 devices will get updated to Windows Phone 7.8, not Windows 8

Looks like some of the earlier rumors about the upgrade path for existing WP7 devices turned out to be true. Microsoft just now announced that existing WP7 devices will...

27 by Brian Klug on 6/20/2012

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