11:42PM EST - We're out

11:41PM EST - One last video: TRON: Legacy parody

11:41PM EST - That's a wrap. Look for formal press releases soon

11:39PM EST - SHIELD Console: 4K-capable Android TV device, high performance SoC for Android gaming, and GRID for streaming PC games

11:38PM EST - Wrap up time

11:36PM EST - Now running UE4 Infiltrator demo via GRID

11:35PM EST - Jen-Hsun mentions that since Unreal Engine 4 is now free, PhysX is similarly free since it comes with UE4

11:33PM EST - Side note: it looks like NVIDIA has a new revision of the SHIELD Controller; the D-Pad is different

11:32PM EST - Discussing how there's more GPU performance available in the cloud (i.e. the PC) than the Xbox One

11:31PM EST - NVIDIA thinks game streaming will be the next revolution

11:30PM EST - A difference of 17 years

11:30PM EST - NES: 1983. PS2: 2000

11:30PM EST - Jen-Hsun talking about the history of consoles

11:28PM EST - 50+ launch titles on GRID. 100 by the end of the year

11:25PM EST - The Witcher III running via GRID

11:23PM EST - Now on deck: Damien Mnnnier of CD Projekt Red

11:23PM EST - Metal Gear Rising Revengences will be coming to SHIELD

11:21PM EST - Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros running via GRID

11:19PM EST - Now on deck: Keichiro Imaizumi of Konami

11:19PM EST - Resident Evil 5 getting an Android port

11:17PM EST - Considerable audio/video desync in this demo

11:16PM EST - Demoing Resident Evil Revelations 2 over GRID, a free-to-play game

11:16PM EST - NVDIA still needs publihers to sign on to GRID, hence the publisher showcase

11:14PM EST - Now on deck: Michiteru Okabe of Capcom

11:14PM EST - NVIDIA's benefit here is that they can offer almost anything that runs on Steam and support the Xbox 360 controller

11:12PM EST - Current SHIELD owners should be familiar with the current selection of free GRID games

11:11PM EST - Looks like the built-in benchmark (or at least the track)

11:09PM EST - Now demoing GRID2 over GRID

11:08PM EST - Coming in May

11:08PM EST - NVIDIA will also sell individual games

11:07PM EST - The higher tier gets more free games

11:07PM EST - Two stores; basic subscription and premium subscription

11:06PM EST - Discussing how only NVIDIA could do this due to making the server GPUs and client SoCs

11:04PM EST - Amazon AWS powered

11:04PM EST - Have to trim latency as low as possible

11:03PM EST - Now discussing NVIDIA's development process for GRID

11:01PM EST - NVIDIA has had long-term ambitions for game streaming. Those plans went sideways whn early partner Gaikai was purchased by Sony for Playstation Now

11:01PM EST - Can steam up to 1080p60

11:00PM EST - GRID is becoming an official service

11:00PM EST - Yep, it's GRID

11:00PM EST - Jen-Hsun is now talking about streaming

10:59PM EST - Final announcement time

10:59PM EST - Still trying to find out about the OS, but it sounds like an up to date version of Android TV

10:58PM EST - Game controller included

10:58PM EST - Price: $199

10:57PM EST - A large number of PC/360 ports

10:56PM EST - "50+ Android launch titles"

10:56PM EST - Crysis 3

10:54PM EST - Cryengne 3 running on Tegra X1 at 30fps

10:53PM EST - Now on stage: Cevat Yerli of Crytek

10:52PM EST - Note that we still need a GTX 970 to run Crysis: Warhead at 1080p with everything turned up and 4x SSAA

10:52PM EST - "Can it run Crysis?"

10:51PM EST - Looks to be running well. A 60fps target gives them a lot of room to work in

10:50PM EST - Doom will run at 60fps

10:50PM EST - Side observation: each generation of NVIDIA products gets bigger. Tegra 4 SHELD Portable, Tegra K1 in the 7" Shield Tablet, and Tegra X1 in the SHIELD console

10:49PM EST - Doom 3 BFG will run on the microconsole

10:47PM EST - Now on deck: Tim Willits of id Software

10:45PM EST - The Talos Prnciple is being ported to the microconsole as well

10:45PM EST - Now on deck: Alen Ladavac of Croteam

10:44PM EST - Borderlands on an SoC-class platform is ambitious. Sony tried it with Borderlands 2 on the Vita, to mixed results due to performance issues

10:43PM EST - TPS demo. We're told it's running at 30fps, however it feels like it's struggling

10:43PM EST - NVIDIA has the source code, and it sounds like they did a lot of the heavy lifting

10:42PM EST - Gearbx is going to do a Borderlands: TPS port for NVIDIA

10:41PM EST - Now on deck: Randy Ptchford of Gearbox

10:41PM EST - Looks very similar in functionality to the current NVIDIA game software on SHIELD Tablet

10:40PM EST - Back to software, taking about the SHIELD Store

10:39PM EST - The console will of course use the SHIELD controller, first introduced alongside the SHIELD tablet

10:39PM EST - Now talking about internals and construction

10:38PM EST - A 360 comparison makes sense given the performance, though at the same time game development for those last-gen consoles is winding down

10:36PM EST - 360 turns 10 years old this year, BTW

10:36PM EST - Xbox 360 comparisons

10:36PM EST - Notably absent: Tegra 3 powered Ouya

10:35PM EST - Though none of them were designed for intense local rendering

10:35PM EST - Vastly more powerful than other smart TV devices

10:34PM EST - Tegra X1 confirmed

10:34PM EST - Do for gaming what Netflix did for videos

10:34PM EST - How to expand the reach of gaming?

10:33PM EST - Now it's time to talk about gaming

10:32PM EST - It's rechargable via USB

10:32PM EST - Overheard in the front of the crowd "What?!"

10:32PM EST - "You don't ever have to replace the batteries"

10:30PM EST - It's also a Bluetooth receiver for headphones

10:30PM EST - Betting heavily on voice search. The remote is vey simple with only a couple of buttons and a microphone

10:30PM EST - Almost certainly a Tegra X1 then

10:29PM EST - Now demoing 4Kp60 decode capabilities

10:29PM EST - Which I suspect is where GRID will come in

10:28PM EST - Of course it's one thing to leverage Android for media, but for gaming that's another matter

10:28PM EST - It isn't quite perfect yet...

10:28PM EST - Now showcasing Google Play Store voice recognition

10:26PM EST - Curretly showing off Android software and features

10:25PM EST - Just like the previous SHIELD devices, NVIDIA is leveraging Android and their own hardware to tap into the Android ecosystem and build off of that

10:24PM EST - NVIDIA didn't get in any of the current gen consoles, so NVIDIA seems to be going it on their own

10:23PM EST - Despite TV being mentioned, to be clear this is not an actual NVIDIA television

10:22PM EST - "World's first Android TV Console"

10:21PM EST - Very thin, but in terms of total volume it seems to be a decent size

10:20PM EST - And there's the microconsole

10:19PM EST - The NVIDIA SHIELD living room entertainment device

10:18PM EST - "Likely a multi-billion unit market"

10:18PM EST - Apps make for unlimited possibilities

10:16PM EST - The TV? The portal to those services

10:16PM EST - Jen-Hsun is very gung-ho on remote/cloud computing

10:15PM EST - Not to mention tablets on TVs via Chromecast and similar techs

10:15PM EST - Now getting int discusions of TVs and consoles

10:15PM EST - "The Modern Living Room"

10:14PM EST - Continued recap of NVIDIA's latest market entries

10:12PM EST - And NVIDIA's history of breaking into new markets

10:12PM EST - A brief history of GPU development

10:11PM EST - TV? Did not see that coming (edit: and indeed it did not. "TV" was in reference to the device being an Android TV set-top box)

10:11PM EST - 3 announcements: TV, game console, and a supercomputer

10:10PM EST - "Working towards this day for many years"

10:10PM EST - Now on stage, Jen-Hsun

10:10PM EST - Final slide note: walking up Nob Hill in San Francisco looks like a much better idea than it actually is when you're at the bottom

10:08PM EST - Should begin in a moment

10:07PM EST - Side note: I have to admit whatever projection system NVIDIA is using for projecting on a black surface looks really good. Very Tron-ish

10:05PM EST - NVIDIA has always been aggressive in the gaming market, a bet that has worked out well for them in the past

10:04PM EST - But dGPUs alone do well enough to keep the whole company well in the black

10:04PM EST - Tegra sales, not so much...

10:04PM EST - dGPU sales have been booming in consumer, pro, and compute

10:03PM EST - NVIDIA overall is having a great year

10:02PM EST - Looks like it'll start just a bit late. 5 minutes from now

09:57PM EST - Our bets: GRID becomes a paid service, VR, and microconsoles

09:56PM EST - What we'll be seeing tonight will be gaming related ad is said to have taken NVIDIA 5 years, but beyond that we don't know what to expect

09:56PM EST - Being held in the Nob Hill Masonic Center, NVIDIA has recented out a fairly large venue

09:55PM EST - We're here at NVDIA's GDC 2015 press event

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  • tviceman - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Ryan I quit watching the live feed about 2/3 the way through. At that point, it was not said whether this would be able to do local game streaming like the previous Shield products (streaming already owned games in a steam library). Can you confirm whether or not this new Shield product will have that capability?
  • Ryan Smith - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Wasn't mentioned in the presentation, look for the press releases
  • tviceman - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Thank you good sir!
  • Wardrop - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    I've never got the idea of streaming games. It makes no sense. Every cloud-based SaaS provider is focused on cutting running costs by either using consumer hardware in the datacenter, or ideally offloading processor to the client, like image resizing, etc. De-centralising is more cost-effective and seems to be the trend for obvious reasons, yet you've got Nvidia looking to go the other way for an application arguably more latency-sensitive than anything else in the cloud. On top of that, we're getting to a put where client hardware is getting more powerful than it needs to be. What am I missing here exactly? Why is Nvidia sinking money into something that certainly must fail.
  • tviceman - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    I have no interest in cloud-streaming for games either. I was referring to local streaming.
  • Wardrop - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - link

    Yeah sorry, I wasn't actually meant to reply to your post. AnandTech comments system has always left a lot to be desired.
  • bunnyfubbles - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - link

    seems like a stunt to show off their prowess in the supercomputer/datacenter realm

    that being said I agree, it was super cringe-worthy watching him try and convince the world that a 150ms response time is fast. Such high latencies might be ok for certain types of games (slower adventure/puzzle style games where you might want to enjoy some very breathtaking scenery, etc) or possibly even revolutionary for a few niches (MMOs with massive numbers of pcs/npcs on screen but no drop in frames because the supercomputer server handles *everything*)

    but the average game is likely to be dreadful to play, especially shooters
  • Michael Bay - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - link

    Is it bad photos, or do I see quite bad quality of streaming?
    I mean youtube usually has it better.
  • nathanddrews - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - link

    Judging by how excellent the rest of the photos are, my guess is that the streams really are that terrible. Even if it were 50% stream artifacts and 50% capture artifacts, it would still be terrible.
  • JarredWalton - Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - link

    Ryan was on site, I was helping by adding photos using screen captures of the live stream. So it's a screenshot of a compressed video stream that's showing the content of a compressed gaming stream. Heh. Sorry a lot of the images look pretty bad.

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