10:54AM EDT - Continuing my whirlwind trip of New York City, today I'm here at Google's annual "Made by Google" event. The event has become the company's traditional venue for launching their in-house hardware, such as the Pixel phone family and various Chromebook offshoots. Doors are set to open here in a bit at 10am ET, with the presentation itself starting at 11am (15:00 UTC). To address the elephant in the room, this year's event is a little awkward for everyone because so much about the Pixel 3 was leaked in advance - including outright hands-on articles that we published last week. So what we're expecting to be Google's biggest announcements have already been spoiled, though that doesn't mean we've seen the whole picture.

10:57AM EDT - A few minutes to go. I'm sat next to Sascha Segan from PCMag

11:00AM EDT - Close by is Cristiano Amon and Steve Mollenkopf from Qualcomm

11:00AM EDT - Also Verizon

11:01AM EDT - Here we go

11:01AM EDT - dance beat ensues

11:02AM EDT - Enter youtubers

11:03AM EDT - Google intro video

11:04AM EDT - Rick Osterloh to the stage

11:04AM EDT - New venue, new city

11:04AM EDT - Today is all about help

11:04AM EDT - Verizon and Telus here as well

11:04AM EDT - Google 20th anniversary

11:04AM EDT - >Anandtech is older

11:04AM EDT - delivering information has always been in Google's DNA

11:05AM EDT - making life easier for people

11:05AM EDT - constant focus on shaving milliseconds off of searches

11:05AM EDT - Designed our own servers, our own services

11:05AM EDT - Providing the most relevant search results

11:05AM EDT - finding the nuances of language and the intent of words

11:06AM EDT - Translating 143 billion words a day in 100 languages

11:06AM EDT - Speech recognition can roll out voice interactions in devices

11:06AM EDT - Lessen the pain of email responding with quick responses

11:06AM EDT - Finishing sentences as you type

11:06AM EDT - cutting back on doing work

11:07AM EDT - Mobile first with Pixel

11:07AM EDT - Google Assistant is much better at doing things for you - Duplex technology

11:07AM EDT - Making more info more accessible

11:07AM EDT - Similar with search, images

11:07AM EDT - Pixel still has a great camera, some call it the best, a year later

11:07AM EDT - Tracing the intelligence back to google search

11:07AM EDT - using google to search for images

11:08AM EDT - Spent years researching computer vision

11:08AM EDT - Getting better every year

11:08AM EDT - Putting technology to work for Google users

11:08AM EDT - Google Photos make photos accessible by search

11:08AM EDT - Smoothing out shakiness of videos

11:09AM EDT - Contextual search based on images

11:09AM EDT - Also google maps

11:09AM EDT - Pushing forward in all brands

11:09AM EDT - Intersection of AI, software, and hardware

11:10AM EDT - AI is not artificial - it helps people get things done every day

11:10AM EDT - photos, maps, smart home

11:10AM EDT - putting users first guides Google's work

11:10AM EDT - Respect each user as an individual - a personal Google

11:10AM EDT - Google Assistant is the best expression of this

11:11AM EDT - Committed to the security of users

11:11AM EDT - Do it at the OS level with Google Play and Protect

11:11AM EDT - Google Titan Security for data centers

11:11AM EDT - New dedicated chip.

11:11AM EDT - >We covered this at Hot Chips

11:12AM EDT - users in control of their digital wellbeing

11:12AM EDT - You control devices, not devices control you

11:13AM EDT - Google Home devices are expanding into more devices and homes

11:13AM EDT - Pixel book

11:13AM EDT - quotes from reviews

11:14AM EDT - Just getting started on Pixelbook

11:14AM EDT - Recapping Pixel 2

11:14AM EDT - Continual updates on Pixel 2

11:14AM EDT - Designed worlds best camera in Pixel 3

11:15AM EDT - For life at home, power of desktop in the Pixel Slate

11:15AM EDT - Mange connceted home from Google Hoe Hub

11:15AM EDT - Google Home Hub

11:16AM EDT - >About google titan, the link: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13248/hot-chips-2018-google-titan-live-blog-6pm-pt-1am-utc

11:17AM EDT - Incredible material progress in desing

11:17AM EDT - evolutions of applications people know and love

11:17AM EDT - Pushing how technology can be designed for today

11:17AM EDT - More than 45 design industry awards

11:18AM EDT - Video time

11:18AM EDT - Google is about being unique in form and shape

11:18AM EDT - Technology needs to be closer to its users

11:18AM EDT - osft circles and curves are familiar

11:19AM EDT - Holding google in your hand

11:19AM EDT - The home is the most important place

11:19AM EDT - Google WiFi to extended networks

11:20AM EDT - Bringing together google and Nest

11:20AM EDT - Smarthome is too complex with siloed technologies

11:20AM EDT - Shared vision of a thoughtful home

11:20AM EDT - Nest has saved over 25b kWh of energy to date

11:21AM EDT - Newest addition to the Google Home family

11:21AM EDT - Google home helps simplify the complex parts of home life

11:22AM EDT - Imagine seeing a response when you ask google home hub a question

11:22AM EDT - redesigned most of google services to give visual help

11:22AM EDT - Obsessed about the interaction and design

11:23AM EDT - Small enough to fit in any space in home, but large enough to use

11:23AM EDT - No camera embedded

11:23AM EDT - Hub can respond to the ambient lighting

11:23AM EDT - Ambient EQ

11:24AM EDT - Hub can blend into your home

11:24AM EDT - Can have multiple users as it learns how people talk separately

11:24AM EDT - Voice match

11:26AM EDT - Using voice for help with GA

11:26AM EDT - Food mode

11:26AM EDT - Youtube on hub

11:27AM EDT - instructional videos and music

11:28AM EDT - Hear and see the music brings the concert into your home

11:28AM EDT - 6 months of Youtube music on purchase

11:28AM EDT - Hub downtime mode

11:28AM EDT - Filters for family friendly content

11:29AM EDT - Control and manage devices through one interface

11:29AM EDT - Smart home hub and control panel

11:29AM EDT - Home Hub Home View

11:30AM EDT - Works with tap or voice

11:30AM EDT - Control music, lights, thermostat

11:30AM EDT - Control outside the home as well

11:31AM EDT - Taking the smart home to the next level

11:31AM EDT - 200M devices and 1000 brands work with Home View

11:32AM EDT - From full house to first lightbulb

11:32AM EDT - Hub will be the best photo frame not in use

11:32AM EDT - Deep integration with Google Photo

11:32AM EDT - 1.2b photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos every day

11:33AM EDT - Live album updates when you take pivtures

11:33AM EDT - Hub uses machine learning to show good photos. Filter out blurry / underexposed photos

11:33AM EDT - Filter out receipts

11:34AM EDT - $149, oct 22nd at retail in US, UK, Aus

11:34AM EDT - pre-order it now

11:35AM EDT - So, english only?

11:35AM EDT - Osterloh back to the stage

11:36AM EDT - Google built Chrome for a fast web experience, but people used it on slow PCs, so Chrome OS

11:37AM EDT - >Note, no tech details about Home Hub: screen resolution, battery life, other key info

11:37AM EDT - Chromebook recently got Play Store and Google Assistant - linked together in pixelbook

11:37AM EDT - Now, Pixel Slate

11:38AM EDT - Powerful productiviy in a fresh mobile form

11:38AM EDT - fanless

11:38AM EDT - Combine helpful elements of mobile, tablet, and notebook, in one device

11:38AM EDT - Thin and light

11:38AM EDT - lines and edges in midnight blue

11:38AM EDT - Perfectly balanced center of gravity

11:38AM EDT - detailed display

11:39AM EDT - 293 PPI, 6M pixels (3000 x 2000 ?)

11:39AM EDT - Now a video from content creators using slate

11:39AM EDT - Ultra HD+

11:40AM EDT - low temp poly-crystalline silicon technology display

11:40AM EDT - RGB Stripe

11:40AM EDT - Dual front facing speakers

11:41AM EDT - The best entertainment experience you can hold in your hands

11:41AM EDT - Youtube TV free for 3 months with Pixel Slate or Pixel Book

11:41AM EDT - Computational photography coming to the slate

11:41AM EDT - 8MP front and rear cameras

11:41AM EDT - machine learning for photos

11:41AM EDT - Portrait mode

11:41AM EDT - Front facing is wide angle for video chat

11:42AM EDT - Sensor with larger pixels

11:42AM EDT - New chapter for Chrome OS

11:42AM EDT - UI is now optimized for touch screen

11:42AM EDT - Full desktop experience, not one designed for a phone

11:42AM EDT - Full linux apps and dev tools

11:42AM EDT - Launcher is customized with best apps

11:42AM EDT - A personal google

11:42AM EDT - Split screen (like windows snap

11:43AM EDT - Integrated Google Assistant

11:43AM EDT - Family Link for family control

11:43AM EDT - Do not disturb feature

11:44AM EDT - Fingerprint sensor in the power button

11:44AM EDT - Pixel slate keyboard

11:44AM EDT - no pairing needed, just connect it

11:45AM EDT - full size backlit keyboard

11:45AM EDT - round keys

11:45AM EDT - similar feeling trackpad

11:45AM EDT - folio is infinitely adjustable

11:45AM EDT - G Suite integration

11:46AM EDT - Used by 1b worldwide

11:46AM EDT - No camera bump

11:46AM EDT - Full dekstop chrome browser

11:46AM EDT - Extensions and as many tabs as needed

11:46AM EDT - all new Adobe Acrobat

11:46AM EDT - Optimizing apps for Chrome OS

11:47AM EDT - Starts at $599. Keyboard at $199. Pen is $99

11:48AM EDT - Available later this year on Google Play store

11:48AM EDT - No tech specs. We believe it's x86 though based on leaks

11:49AM EDT - Time for Pixel

11:49AM EDT - A phone that answers itself, a new experience when charging, a phone that never misses a shot

11:49AM EDT - Iconic two tone design

11:50AM EDT - Just Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink

11:50AM EDT - 5.5-inch Pixel 3, 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL

11:50AM EDT - Edge to edge viewing experience with extra space at the top

11:50AM EDT - OLED with adaptive color profiles

11:51AM EDT - Front firing stereo speakers are 40% louder

11:51AM EDT - custom sound profiles

11:51AM EDT - Youtube Music with 6 months free

11:52AM EDT - A new partnership with Annie Leibowitz on photography

11:52AM EDT - First time she's partnered with any camera

11:52AM EDT - Pixel 3 already used for magazine covers at Conde Nast

11:53AM EDT - Pixel camera is ahead of the curve

11:53AM EDT - end-to-end for AI hardware, software

11:53AM EDT - zero shutter lag HDR+

11:54AM EDT - Still the only company using it

11:54AM EDT - Pixel Visual Core

11:54AM EDT - Inside Pixel 3

11:54AM EDT - Powers new computationally intensive camera features

11:55AM EDT - Top shot solves the problem of pressing the camera at the wrong time

11:55AM EDT - Select the best photo in a sequence

11:56AM EDT - All shots in HDR+

11:56AM EDT - Super Res Zoom

11:57AM EDT - Takes several photos given the movement of someone's hand, enabling zoom quality

11:57AM EDT - Used in advanced astronomy research put into the device

11:57AM EDT - Night Sight - low light

11:57AM EDT - Never need to use a flash again

11:58AM EDT - Uses machine learning to choose the best colors in low light

11:58AM EDT - Coming to all Pixel devices next month

11:59AM EDT - Group Selfie Cam

11:59AM EDT - front facing wide angle

11:59AM EDT - 184% more of the scene than iPhone Xs

11:59AM EDT - Just zoom out

12:00PM EDT - AR stickers now become Playground. Applicable on both front and rear facing cameras

12:00PM EDT - Tie in with Marvel

12:00PM EDT - Childish Gambino playground coming soon

12:01PM EDT - Coming to Pixel 3, coming to Pixel 1 and 2 soon

12:01PM EDT - Now Google Lens

12:01PM EDT - Integrated directly into the camera

12:01PM EDT - identifies objects, phone numbers, web addresses

12:01PM EDT - Combines Pixel Digital Core with search and computer vision

12:02PM EDT - Find products

12:02PM EDT - Photo booth mode

12:02PM EDT - Motion auto focus

12:03PM EDT - Portrait mode, edit depth of field

12:03PM EDT - Free unlimited storage at original quality

12:03PM EDT - Camera bump

12:03PM EDT - New Google Assistant with Duplex

12:03PM EDT - Rolls out city by city next month

12:04PM EDT - Books reservations for you

12:04PM EDT - Use GA to answer a phone for you and ask who is calling and why

12:04PM EDT - Never have to talk to a telemarketer again

12:04PM EDT - Uses voice-to-text translation

12:05PM EDT - Pixel 3 in the US, other Pixels coming soon

12:05PM EDT - Flip to Shhh - silences notifications when phone is upside down

12:05PM EDT - Pixel 3 includes the Titan Security chip

12:05PM EDT - Smartest wireless charger ever - Pixel stand

12:06PM EDT - Does a smart wake up alarms to help you wake

12:06PM EDT - Can control connected devices when attached

12:07PM EDT - Becomes a photoframe when not in use, or a clock

12:07PM EDT - Preorder now at $799 Oct 17th, Pixel stand is $79 (?)

12:09PM EDT - That's for the normal Pixel 3 then

12:09PM EDT - First on Verizon, no price on XL

12:09PM EDT - Coming to Aus, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA

12:10PM EDT - Nov 1 in Europe

12:11PM EDT - [Image from Anshel Sag, my phone went nuts and logged me out]

12:11PM EDT - Osterloh now wrapping up

12:11PM EDT - Full details on store.google.com

12:12PM EDT - That's a wrap

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  • Peskarik - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    Google will sort you out
  • Peskarik - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    Google Hub will blend into your home like telescreens in 1984.
    "Mark, that bacon sandwich is not environmentally friendly, you are being fined 500 credits for violating paragraph 1 subsection 2 of Global Warming code of conduct and reported to the Ministry of Vegan Affairs. Be well."
  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    "Anandtech is older" 😂

    I do like Home Hub, and $149 seems pretty reasonable.
  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    "Note, no tech details about Home Hub: screen resolution, battery life, other key info"

    I think that's the point, it's very much in the "it just works" Apple mould
  • N8SLC - Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - link

    I just got the Lenovo Smart Display, which is the same thing except it has a camera. Great device, I use it more than I thought I would.
  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    Pixel Slate had to match the iPad Air in price to win. It doesn't. Fail.
  • Meteor2 - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    And $199 for a keyboard? Is that a joke??
  • Peskarik - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    Well, they had to pay Annie Leibowitz for the "partnership". ,-)
  • PeachNCream - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    All that keystroke logging and data mining costs money, friend.
  • imaheadcase - Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - link

    That screen rez though. that is what is appealing. Using it straight as a tablet with that screen will be amazing. Assuming rest of hardware is up to par.

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