12:54PM EDT - The fall season is approaching yet again, and it’s time again for another round of iPhone updates, representing Apple’s newest 2019 mobile hardware. The event should be starting at 10am PT, and the show again takes place on the Apple Park campus in the Steve Jobs theatre. This year we’re expecting a new refresh of last year’s iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models. We’re still not quite sure what Apple is going to be calling the new phones, but if the numerous leaks prove to be true, we’ll be seeing incremental design updates with a new in-vogue triple-camera setup as being the key new features of the phones, as well as naturally Apple introducing new internal hardware such as the new Apple A13 SoC, which might bring some surprises to the table this year.

12:54PM EDT - The event should be starting in 5 minutes. Hanging in there.

01:01PM EDT - The show's starting, intro video playing.

01:03PM EDT - Tim Cook starting the show "Giving people the tools to do great things"

01:03PM EDT - Big announcements in hardware, software and services today.

01:03PM EDT - No updates this year, getting right into the new stuff.

01:03PM EDT - Starting with the new App Store and Apple Arcade

01:04PM EDT - "First game subscription service for desktop, mobile and TV"

01:04PM EDT - "No game service has launched as much games at once"

01:05PM EDT - New arcade tab in the app store with new games regularly published under a subscription service

01:05PM EDT - Konami is the first publisher to talk about the new games they'll offer.

01:06PM EDT - "Frogger in toytown"

01:07PM EDT - Moving on...

01:08PM EDT - CAPCOM is next up

01:08PM EDT - "Shinsekai Into The Depths" if I heard it right

01:10PM EDT - "Available only on Apple arcade" - I wonder how many publisher will jump onto this

01:10PM EDT - Annapurna Interactive next up.

01:12PM EDT - Many developers will be jumping onto Apple Arcade, and will be starting September 19th

01:13PM EDT - $4.99 per month with 1 month free trial.

01:14PM EDT - Talking about new Apple TV shows and feedback.

01:15PM EDT - "See" with Jason Momoa - sounds like some dystopic sci-fi.

01:19PM EDT - Apple TV+ first shows will be available November 1st

01:19PM EDT - Will be available over 100 countries at launch, $4.99 family subscription.

01:20PM EDT - When you buy any new major Apple device, you get Apple TV+ for free for 1 year.

01:20PM EDT - iPad next.

01:21PM EDT - A huge year for the iPad - all new lineup

01:21PM EDT - iPadOS pushed the boundaries of new features - new specific features to the iPad

01:21PM EDT - Over 1M apps specifically designed for the iPad.

01:22PM EDT - Talking about the 9.7" iPad

01:22PM EDT - 6th generation iPad is being replaced by the new 7th gen unit

01:23PM EDT - New larger, 10.2" display with smaller bezels.

01:23PM EDT - 3.5M pixels

01:24PM EDT - 2x faster than the nearest PC at the price

01:24PM EDT - Taking full advantage of iPadOS

01:25PM EDT - Rehash of specific iPadOS functions as first presented at WWDC earlier this summer.

01:27PM EDT - First time an iPad out of 100% recycled aluminium.

01:27PM EDT - The new iPad starts at $329

01:28PM EDT - No mention about which SoC is sports. Starts shipping September 30th.

01:28PM EDT - That's the new for the iPad.

01:28PM EDT - Apple Watch is up next.

01:28PM EDT - "Today Apple Watch is everywhere"

01:29PM EDT - "Personal and profound impact the Apple Watch has on people's lives"

01:29PM EDT - Short video about testmondials.

01:33PM EDT - Moving into Health Research and how the Apple Watch can impact it

01:34PM EDT - 400k people participated in the Apple Heart Study

01:34PM EDT - Introducing now the Apple Hearing Study, how noise can impact your health.

01:36PM EDT - Apple Research App will be available in the US later this year

01:36PM EDT - Back to Tim now.

01:36PM EDT - "Since the beginning, innovation has been the core of the Apple Watch"

01:37PM EDT - "Most advanced, and most loved smartwatch in the world"

01:37PM EDT - How the Apple Watch is moving forward - the next generation.

01:38PM EDT - Apple Watch Series 5

01:38PM EDT - New innovative display that is always-on.

01:38PM EDT - MicroLED????

01:39PM EDT - LTPO backplane display, but is it still OLED ?

01:39PM EDT - Looks like they just improved the efficiency of the display, so not a totally new panel technology.

01:40PM EDT - Another new feature - Built-in compass

01:41PM EDT - New safety features

01:41PM EDT - Emergency SOS is now international.

01:42PM EDT - New case model finishes and colours.

01:42PM EDT - Including all-new titanium model.

01:42PM EDT - Ceramic white also new.

01:44PM EDT - $399 for the GPS models

01:44PM EDT - $499 for GPS + cellular

01:44PM EDT - Series 3 watch now starts at $199

01:45PM EDT - Video about Apple Watches use-cases

01:47PM EDT - Next up- iPhone

01:48PM EDT - iPhone XR the most popular iPhone and smartphone in the world

01:48PM EDT - XS and XS Max the most advanced iPhones ever

01:48PM EDT - 99% customer satisfaction

01:48PM EDT - New iPhone intro video

01:49PM EDT - Camera first thing being shown - as the leaks suggested, a new square cut-out

01:49PM EDT - iPhone 11

01:50PM EDT - 6.1" liquid retina display.

01:51PM EDT - "Spatial audio" with virtual sound and new Dolby Atmos compatibility

01:51PM EDT - New Dual-camera system

01:52PM EDT - So the two cameras are Wide & Ultra-wide, a great decision instead of favouring the telephoto. The wide-angle is a much more expansive experience than a telephoto lens.

01:52PM EDT - The 120° wide-angle is in line with the width of other vendors this year.

01:53PM EDT - New ISP pipeline and algorithms, suing Machine Learning to improve the shots.

01:53PM EDT - Using both cameras for stereoscopic depth effects.

01:54PM EDT - Night Mode

01:54PM EDT - This was a much-needed feature for Apple

01:55PM EDT - Apple's Night Mode will automatically come on depending on low-light situations, until now this would be the first phone to actually do this as all other existing Night Modes from Android vendors require a switch to a dedicated mode. Good on Apple to make this more seamless.

01:55PM EDT - Showcasing new video quality shot on the new iPhone 11 - samples look great.

01:56PM EDT - Switching between the two cameras looks super smooth.

01:57PM EDT - "The highest quality video ever in a smartphone"

01:58PM EDT - Front-camera has been upgraded to a 12MP wide-angle sensor (in landscape mode).

01:58PM EDT - Slow-motion video for the front-camera.

01:59PM EDT - "Slofies" oh god

01:59PM EDT - Performance - get to the chips!

01:59PM EDT - Introducing the new A13 Bionic

02:00PM EDT - It's faster!

02:01PM EDT - Fastest GPU in a smartphone. Apple is now showcasing it would be double the speed of the Adreno 640 in the S855 - the Android crowd if falling behind a lot.

02:02PM EDT - Showcasing some of the new high-end games taking advantage of the graphics power.

02:03PM EDT - Notice we didn't hear any details about the A13 SoC, Apple may be simply just not bothering anymore to detail things if they're that far ahead.

02:04PM EDT - Battery now.

02:04PM EDT - 1 hour more battery than the iPhone XR

02:07PM EDT - Wrapping up the iPhone 11

02:07PM EDT - Starting at $699

02:08PM EDT - "The customers that want the most sophisticated technology"

02:09PM EDT - Introducing the new iPhone 11 Pro

02:09PM EDT - Most powerful and advanced iPhones.

02:10PM EDT - The first iPhone that's called "Pro" - what it means

02:10PM EDT - Surgical steel housing and single-piece glass back cover.

02:11PM EDT - New OLED panel with is much brighter

02:11PM EDT - 1200 nits - It's rumoured Apple is using a new OLED emitter this year, like the S10.

02:12PM EDT - "Super Retina XDR"

02:12PM EDT - Oh, we're getting back to the A13.

02:13PM EDT - "We at Apple have the advantage to own the whole vertical stack, from transistor to software"

02:13PM EDT - Machine learning changes.

02:13PM EDT - New dedicated matrix accelerators on the CPU

02:14PM EDT - 1 TOPS on the CPU.

02:14PM EDT - Machine Learning Controller to schedule things across CPU, NPU, and GPU.

02:15PM EDT - 8.5 billion transistors optimised for low-power.

02:16PM EDT - "Hundresds of voltage domains on the chip" "Hundreds of thousands of clock-gates"

02:16PM EDT - 40% lower power on the GPU - Apple's making gigantic strides here.

02:17PM EDT - iPhone 11 Pro lasts 4 hours more than the XS, and 11 Pro Max 5 hours more than the XS Max

02:18PM EDT - Cameras now - Moving onto the triple-camera setup

02:20PM EDT - Camera samples right now.

02:20PM EDT - Showcasing various shots with the different cameras.

02:22PM EDT - Sneak peek for an upcoming camera feature this fall

02:22PM EDT - "Deep Fusion", using the neural processor.

02:23PM EDT - 9 images stacked together, picking the best region mapping of the different shots to create the output image.

02:23PM EDT - "Computational photography mad science"

02:24PM EDT - 4K60 extended dynamic range video.

02:24PM EDT - Showcasing again a video sample from the new phones.

02:26PM EDT - Smooth transitions between all three cameras is made easy.

02:27PM EDT - Over 30000 photo and video apps in the App Store.

02:28PM EDT - Testmondials from a director who used "Filmic" app to record his movie.

02:29PM EDT - Shooting from all four cameras at the same time

02:29PM EDT - Actually, from 2 cameras from the four cameras?

02:31PM EDT - "Stronger cellular" - only a brief mention of cellular here, notice no 5G connectivity for this year.

02:31PM EDT - New technical overview video of the new iPhone 11 Pro's manufacturing.

02:32PM EDT - Textured matte glass back finish - this great against fingerprint smudges.

02:34PM EDT - New FaceID works from greater angles.

02:34PM EDT - Colour cases for all 3 models.

02:35PM EDT - $999 for the iPhone 11 Pro - $1099 for the Max

02:35PM EDT - Pre-order tomorrow- available September 20th

02:36PM EDT - Now moving on onto Apple Retail

02:37PM EDT - Talking about product customization - starting with the Apple Watch

02:37PM EDT - Apple Watch Series 5 starts with the Apple Watch Studio - pairing any watch case with any band

02:37PM EDT - A thousand different ways to represent your personal style.

02:38PM EDT - Now talking about Apple Trade In

02:38PM EDT - Trade-in for older iPhones getting reduced prices, or new monthly payments to get the new models.

02:39PM EDT - Apple Fifth Avenue is going to be reopening following renovation.

02:39PM EDT - It's now the largest Apple store in the world.

02:40PM EDT - Tim summing up the new announcements today.

02:42PM EDT - That's a wrap folks, thanks for being with us!

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  • RedGreenBlue - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    If Apple were to decide to switch to their custom ARM chips at this event or an October event for upcoming Macs, even if it means offering their Intel-only models for a little longer, I would think things have coincided as well as can be hoped for. 32-bit support on OS X is ending, forcing a lot of developers to have to change applications anyway, Intel’s 18% IPC gain from the next architecture hasn’t arrived to make an Apple chip look less competitive, and if Apple wants a flexible x86 partner in the transition, AMD is waiting in the wings with a solid architecture and willing to do licensing deals for custom chips. Having some time before the holiday season hits for people to see reviews will alleviate people’s doubts and there’s plenty of time before the back-to-school season. The improvements to Apple’s bill of materials would be so big they could cut prices and still get a bigger profit margin.
    Come on, do what this event says you’re going to do and innovate. Even if it means keeping some products on Intel chips.
  • milkywayer - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    Hmm, no USB C still. That’s kinda brave. I’m not super delighted with the camera quality on the XS I have. Guess Pixel 4 it is this time around.
  • Eliadbu - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    if Apple will transition from X86 they would do it at once and they won't need AMD for that. not that AMD don't have good chips but AMD are weak on laptop side and entire system solutions and just like they did with powerPC the move will be pretty swift with support for legacy architecture staying for few years until being cutoff. plus transition from one manufacturer to another will cause issues at start which is counterproductive to the transition period. I even predict that apple will ditch AMD GPUs sooner or later moving to in-house IP (like they did with imagination technologies) and also they would bring their wireless modem, significantly reducing the outside IP apple will have to lease or buy, doubling down on making most of hardware and software in house.
  • HStewart - Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - link

    The problem with this is application compatibility, as far as I know Apple still requires Mac OS to run there own development tools - there is no XCode development on Ipad - until Apple has it they are stuck with x86
  • willis936 - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    God watching this live on youtube is draining. It feels like a satire of an overly smug, tone deaf, out of touch company that isn’t even trying to hide how little it cares about anything other than profit.
  • Alistair - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    Apple has never cared about what their users actually want. Mouse and keyboard support for iPad? We know better. Apple TV with a standard gaming controller? We know better. A Mac in the shape of a standard desktop? We know better. But we'll make a Pro computer that costs $8000 CAD starting price for you... I was a huge Apple fan in the early 90s when I was a kid, and my computer was the best one in my town, no PC was like it. Those days are gone.

    The TV shows look good though, but I don't buy Apple for TV shows.
  • RedGreenBlue - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    Sony and Microsoft are not willing to work with Apple TV becausw it’s practically a direct competitor. There has been keyboard support for iPad for at least 4 or 5 years. Mouse support? There’s no point unless they require devs to make two different user interfaces. The Pro is actually meant to be a professional computer, not prosumer. Look up video production people break it down on youtube. If you’re complaining about a 5k starting price, it was never meant for your needs.
    Props on having a mac in the 90s. I grew up overclocking with subzero cooling and modding pcs for gaming, but when I was a little kid I loved macs the way I loved pcs as a teenager. Still keep an outdated “lamp” mac because it’s such an impressive and iconic design.
  • Alistair - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    Your comment is exactly what I was talking about though, not listening to users. Users say "the remote is useless, bundle the system with an Xbox controller" and yes, they are adding controller support but all in then, you're talking about $300 USD if the controller is not included. Nintendo used to do it right, 2 controllers in the box.

    I want to use the iPad with mouse and keyboard, and they are finally adding some mouse support, but even then, they couldn't just make it a mouse pointer, they made it a giant circle. I'm sure Apple could dedicate one software engineer to adapting the iPad to mouse and keyboard use cases, but they don't want to. Again today, they compared with a cheap laptop, and I agree, the iPad hardware is better, but the software is still garbage in comparison vs. Windows that I can use on that cheap laptop. I don't mind tapping on my iPad in limited amounts, but the mouse and keyboard is important for long term ergonomics.

    And who cares again, if the Pro is not meant for me. Again, that is NOT LISTENING to their users. Make one for me then. That's a dumb argument. It's about what I wanted for years, not about what Apple is giving, those smug stupid youtube videos saying "the pro is not for you" are a perfect example of how Apple is out of touch.
  • name99 - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    You say "Apple is not listening to users" but you appear to mean "Apple is not listening to ME".

    Apple doesn't chase the mass market, they chase the market of people who are willing to spend a little more to get something that's mostly hassle free, mostly works well.

    If you're not in that collection (you're not willing to spend more, you care about "customizability" more than "hassle free", you care about endless backward compatibility) then Apple is not for you.
    More to the point, it was obvious twenty years ago that Apple was not for you, and nothing has changed since then. So why keep pushing the point?

    It's like every year you listen to the MS announcements and, no, MS still aren't making Windows open source! "Why are they not listening to the public aka me? Why isn't THIS the year that MS changes everything about how it has ever done business?"
  • nikon133 - Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - link

    I'd say they don't chase budget market, but they certainly are after mass market. They don't shy from saying out loud whenever their product sells best in the world (be it based on profit or quantities).

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