This week Supermicro has expanded operations in the Netherlands. The new facilities will enable the company to make servers and storage systems in Europe quicker, offer its customers more flexible configurations, improve services offered to clients, and expand its presence in Europe just ahead of the looming 5G era.

Supermicro’s expanded EMEA Operations Park in s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, will manufacture servers and storage solutions (using numerous components produced at other factories) according to exact requirements of clients as well as test proof-of-concept systems on site and remotely at the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) lab.

Among the things that Supermicro offers to its customers the company names SuperServer solutions, Petascale All-Flash NVMe storage arrays, BigTwin high-performance servers for critical applications, SuperBlade machines for datacenters and HPC, and GPU Systems for accelerated AI/ML and HPC applications. Because of expanded EMEA Operations Park in s-Hertogenbosch, Supermicro will now be able to produce more of the  systems locally and tailor them more precisely for the needs of local customers.

In the light of rising demand for servers and storage systems across the world, equipment manufacturers are expanding their manufacturing capacities to capitalize on the next round of technological evolution. Meanwhile, because of increasing labor costs in China as well as concerns about security, numerous companies tend to stay away from the ‘the world factory’ and prefer to expand production capacities elsewhere. As an added bonus of such a decision, server makers gain the ability to better serve their customers due to a closer collaboration with the latter.

Here is what Perry Hayes, president of Supermicro B.V. had to say:

“Expanding the Supermicro European facilities in the Netherlands enables us to further support our EMEA customers and expand our market presence. Customers will experience extended field service and manufacturing coupled with more opportunities for collaboration leveraging onsite research and design staff to address market requirements.”

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Source: Supermicro

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  • Foeketijn - Friday, October 4, 2019 - link

    Welcome to the Netherlands! I need updated Epyc 3000 boards. Availability would also help. Just so you know. Some free Dutch feedback.
  • Zoolook13 - Friday, October 4, 2019 - link

    A m-itx for a nas build would be really nice, dual 10Gb nics and lot's of SATA :)
  • Foeketijn - Sunday, October 6, 2019 - link

    All their Epyc 3000 boards are m-itx. It is silly that the 4 integrated 10Gb Nics aren't being used. Maybe SM has to pay extra for using them.
    And only 4 S-ATA ports. Didn't give it any thought so far since my needs are different, but it does make them less likely to be in a NAS. The Epyc 3000 supports 8.
    I'm wondering who SM had in mind designing those boards.

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