03:45PM EST - One of our first events of the annual CES trade show this year is Intel's press conference on its consumer product lines. Heading up the event with be Intel's Gregory Bryant, GM of Intel's Client Computing Group. We're expecting to hear updates about all the things planned for 2021, which is set to be a pivotal year for the company. With Rocket Lake supposedly around the corner, as well as larger versions of Tiger Lake, it will be interesting to hear what Intel is ready to talk about. Come back at 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern, 9pm UTC, 10pm CET) and follow along with the AnandTech Live Blog.

03:51PM EST - We're 10 minutes from starting

03:51PM EST - CES is virtual this year, so live blogging is more complex than just taking a seat and changing between laptop and camera

03:52PM EST - We're actually two weeks away from Intel's FY2020 financial results, so the CES presentation offers the company an opportunity to put the markets in a good mood

03:52PM EST - Intel has already had a Mobileye presentation earlier today on its automotive efforts

03:52PM EST - This press conference is more about the client computing group - so laptops, desktops

03:59PM EST - We're still waiting for Intel's press event page to activate. If we were actually at CES this year, it's at this point we would have some generic intro film on loop

04:01PM EST - and here we go

04:02PM EST - With Intel's new logo

04:02PM EST - Connecting everyone - essential role of technology

04:02PM EST - Intel builds world changing products

04:02PM EST - Digitization of everything

04:02PM EST - Cloud, Network, Edge

04:02PM EST - Computing is pervasive

04:02PM EST - Not just a PC or server, it's a hospital, a car

04:03PM EST - Computing at the core of Intel

04:03PM EST - AI, 5G, Intelligent edge

04:03PM EST - Only Intel can do it all

04:03PM EST - Scale of manufacturing

04:03PM EST - Deep technical expertise

04:03PM EST - AWS Habana

04:03PM EST - Advanced safety systems for today's cars with Mobileye

04:03PM EST - Leadership products through the year

04:04PM EST - Alongside biggest customers

04:04PM EST - Production release of Ice Lake Xeon

04:04PM EST - Production ramp through Q1

04:04PM EST - Increases in core count, performance, AI

04:04PM EST - Deploy innovative solutions

04:04PM EST - Data privacy

04:04PM EST - Analytics

04:04PM EST - More about Ice Lake Xeon in the coming months

04:05PM EST - Intel Evo built on Intel 11th Gen

04:05PM EST - 120+ designs

04:05PM EST - No one size fits all - choices for consumers are incredible

04:05PM EST - Only intel can deliver

04:05PM EST - New vPro processors for business announced today

04:06PM EST - New processors for education

04:06PM EST - 2 new families for consumers

04:06PM EST - Premium experience with no compromises

04:06PM EST - COVID has enabled opportunities

04:06PM EST - Keeping people safe and productivity

04:07PM EST - 200M+ vPro deployed worldwide

04:07PM EST - Software alone is not enough for security

04:07PM EST - vPro has remote manageability

04:07PM EST - Business class performance

04:08PM EST - New 11th Gen Intel vPro on Tiger Lake

04:08PM EST - Unrivalled business experience where others cannot compete

04:08PM EST - Intel vPro comparison with CET against AMD

04:09PM EST - Without CET, your system can be hijacked

04:09PM EST - Only Intel vPro detects fly-by CET attacks

04:09PM EST - Best real world perf

04:09PM EST - Best productivity experience

04:09PM EST - Compare against Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G

04:10PM EST - Intel platform engineering approach

04:10PM EST - Intel Evo vPro platform

04:10PM EST - Evo combined with vPro

04:10PM EST - 'Intel Evo vPro built for what IT needs and what employees want'

04:10PM EST - 65+ designs from top OEMs

04:10PM EST - Express sign in 2.0 on the Dell Lattitude

04:11PM EST - Built with Intel customers

04:11PM EST - Accenture having a bit

04:12PM EST - vPro enables remote management for WFH deployment and issue resolving

04:13PM EST - 'World's best processor'

04:13PM EST - Now for students

04:14PM EST - 37%+ shipments to schools YoY

04:14PM EST - Announcing New Pentium Silver and Celeron

04:14PM EST - 10nm, 35%+ perf Gen on Gen

04:14PM EST - This is Jasper Lake with Tremont

04:15PM EST - Wi-Fi 6 support

04:15PM EST - Noise cancelling built in

04:15PM EST - Use the PC to play, game, create

04:16PM EST - Comparing Pentium Silver vs Mediatek on chromebooks

04:16PM EST - Solving the short attention span problem

04:17PM EST - Windows, Chrome, Linux

04:17PM EST - coming this year

04:17PM EST - Intel has invested $1b over 15 years in education

04:17PM EST - Online Learning Initiative launched April last year

04:18PM EST - Providing connectivity and resources

04:18PM EST - Chance the Rapper gets a bit. Founder of SocialWorks

04:19PM EST - Intel provided $250k for student laptops in Chicago

04:20PM EST - Expanding digital readyness for everyone

04:20PM EST - People rely on the PC, so we want it to be the best tool

04:21PM EST - Delivering a world class CPU and driving innovation

04:21PM EST - Extending Evo and Gaming#

04:21PM EST - 170+ 11th Gen and Evo designs

04:22PM EST - Recapping Tiger Lake

04:22PM EST - AMD vs Intel, importing,e diting, exporting video

04:22PM EST - Intel 4 core vs AMD 8 core

04:23PM EST - Intel Core Chromebooks with Evo

04:23PM EST - Xe graphics for Google Plays store

04:23PM EST - (these must cost a pretty penny)

04:24PM EST - Chromebook getting Thunderbolt 4

04:24PM EST - Long battery life, Wi-Fi 6

04:24PM EST - (We saw $1000 Chromebooks last year)

04:24PM EST - 11th Gen Core coming to desktops and laptops

04:25PM EST - Rocket Lake coming, 20 PCIe 4.0, 8 core, Cypress cove

04:25PM EST - Optimizing games for Intel

04:25PM EST - New Special Edition 4-core 35W CPU mobile H-series

04:26PM EST - (This is a 35W version of the 15W CPU)

04:26PM EST - Speed up to 5.0 GHz on the top SKU

04:26PM EST - 70+ FPS at 1080p

04:26PM EST - TB4 and Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6/6E

04:26PM EST - 50+ designs

04:26PM EST - (Intel purchased the company behind Killer last year)

04:27PM EST - 16mm systems for portability

04:27PM EST - Rocket Lake demo

04:27PM EST - Intel 8-core i7, 16 GB, M.2, and RTX 3080. vs AMD Ryzen 7 8-core

04:27PM EST - (she said 12 core, but it's 8 core

04:28PM EST - Intel outperforming the competition

04:28PM EST - 156 FPS vs 147 FPS

04:28PM EST - New H-series with upcoming NV GPU

04:29PM EST - 8-core 11th Gen H-series

04:29PM EST - Tiger Lake H

04:29PM EST - 5.0 GHz across multiple cores

04:29PM EST - PCIe 4.0, 20 lanes

04:30PM EST - Enabling what people want in their laptops

04:30PM EST - Back to Greg

04:30PM EST - Only Intel has the unmatched assets, scale, and partnerships

04:30PM EST - 27 new CPUs annouynced today

04:30PM EST - 6 for education

04:30PM EST - 8 new desktop CPUs ?

04:31PM EST - Alder Lake demo

04:31PM EST - Coming 2H

04:31PM EST - High Perf and High efficiency

04:31PM EST - 10nm SuperFin Enhanced

04:31PM EST - Launching 2H 2021

04:32PM EST - That's a wrap. Check the main website for more details.

04:32PM EST - .

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  • shabby - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    14nm future?
  • ikjadoon - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Gotta say, watching Intel presentations these days feels like watching Blockbuster's financials circa 2008-2009.

    Not saying it's an accurate analogy, but the cringe / awkwardness is here all the same.
  • lmcd - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Honestly I agree with Intel's approach of highlighting its IGPs across its desktop range. It makes sense for 90% of business desktop computers.

    The problem is, until Rocket Lake, that's a 4 year old IGP lol.
  • lmcd - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Also, it's telling that in a presentation that should be focused on Tiger Lake (H, especially 8 core for laptop) and Rocket Lake, Intel's talking about Alder Lake. I'm just as excited for Alder Lake as anyone if not more than most, but ugh please just fake that you like Rocket Lake a little better!
  • polyzp - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Where is there any indication they compared their desktop rocket lake 11900k vs an 8 core Ryzen system? Its mentioned here that in fact it was an 8 core Ryzen system and not a 12 core? Intels own blog states its a 12 core Ryzen. Any further information would be appreciated!
  • Jorgp2 - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Ian, that Tiger Lake H is a desktop die isn't it?

    It's a shame they still haven't power optimized their H series CPUs even though AMD already has done so.
  • Jorgp2 - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    It looks more like the old GT4 configs than a desktop die, but definitely not related to the U series.
  • boozed - Monday, January 11, 2021 - link

    Intel's future: "oh **** what do we do now?!"
  • Cynthia Ashley - Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - link

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  • Totscart - Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - link

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